Special Alert 02

The Multiracial Activist Newsletter
Special Alert 02 – December 1997

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Special Alert -02

December 1997

The following email was forwarded with the permission of Allen Steadham, webmaster of Interrace Haven

From: “Allen Steadham”

To: IR.Newsletter.Subscribers@eden.com

Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997 00:28:05 +0000

Subject: IR NEWSLETTER SPECIAL ALERT!!! (“Internet Blitzkrieg”)

Reply-to: crusader@eden.com,p

The following info is something you might want to act on. It’s not a hoax. Paul Kneisel is a human rights activist who specializes in fighting hate crime.

Allen Steadham

Webmaster, Interrace Haven






Written by Paul Kneisel

Reprinted with permission.

I’ve spent time checking the WebSideStory’s Top 1000 Organizations sites to get some more information on the story that Nizkor’s Ken McVay reported. WebSideStory is recording visits (hits) to different web sites, on its home page, at: http://hitbox.com/wc/world.100.Organizations.html

The World Church of the Creator essentially believes that aggressive racism is their religion and urges RAHOWA (“RAcial HOly WAr”). They have announced an “Internet Blitzkrieg.” Normally, I don’t worry too much about any grand cybernazi alliance these days; multiple would-be supreme Fuehrers makes co-operation difficult. However, a look at WebSideStory reveals that the various neo- (and not- so-neo) Nazi groups have cooked something up. There are four fascist web sites listed in the top 25: 1. Stormfront White Nationalist Resource (701 hits per day) 6. American Knights [as in KKK] Realm of Delaware (204) 11. WPWW Holohoax the BIG Jew LIE (141) 24. The World Church of the Creator (57) The “New Order Knights [of the Ku Klux Klan ]” is also moving up. The two anti-fascist groups listed are: 4. Nizkor Project, for Holocaust Education (366) 19. The Einsatzgruppen Archives (TEA) (85) You can imagine the publicity that the cybernazis will generate if the Stormfront web page stays #1 for very long!

[Allen’s modification to original text to apply to IR Haven Newsletter subscribers] “The IR Haven Newsletter subscribers should be able to help Nizkor and TEA by visiting the sites. There are over 300 subscribers to this newsletter, and every little bit helps! Even if you are only on the net once a week and visit the sites, this would add more daily hits to their web sites.”

[Return to Paul’s original message] Many of you spend so much time on the net you refer to external reality as “virtual cyberspace.” One hit from every reader every day would put Nizkor over the top with more visits than all of the cybernazi sites combined. Multiple hits would create a significant defeat for the “Blitzkreig.” Addresses for the WebSideStory hit counters at Nizkor and TEA are: http://www.nizkor.org/index.html http://www.pgonline.com/electriczen/ I set up Nizkor as my default web address. Internet Explorer requires a default and I thought Nizkor better than Microsoft. If you want to do this, you use the View/Options/Navigation menu and enter Nizkor’s URL in the “Address:” field of the window that opens. Now, whenever you surf the web, you go first to Nizkor. (PS: For formal legal reasons I am not sure that Nizkor styles itself “anti-fascist.” But any group that does their work against Holocaust Revisionism surely deserves informal inclusion among anti-fascists.)


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