Special Alert 05

The Multiracial Activist Newsletter
Special Alert 05 – May 1998

The Multiracial Activist Newsletter is an informational digest of news, events, new websites and other information of interest to the Interracial/Multiracial community. Published monthly, with special editions as news items warrant.


Special Alert – 05
May 1998
Editor, James A. Landrith, Jr.

I received the following email from Susan Graham, Executive Director of Project RACE about Maryland’s decision to allow multiple race responses to state forms asking for racial data.

Congratulations to Project RACE, Julie Kershaw, and Nathan Douglas for making Maryland a free state.


May 12, 1998–Governor Glendening signed House Bill 253 into law, effective July 1, 1998. The legislation allows respondents to choose more than one racial category and includes instructions that multiracial respondents may select all applicable categories. We applaud the State of Maryland for using progressive and accurate wording in its legislation. Congratulations to Project RACE members, especially Julie Kershaw and Nathan Douglas, who helped make House Bill 253 a reality.


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