A new print magazine about the mixed race experience in America is under development. This magazine, entitled MAVIN, will address issues of special importance to people involved in interracial relationships, persons of mixed race heritage, transracial adoptees, and others interested in mixed race issues.

You were contacted to encourage you to become an integral part of this magazine. Started in February by a group of college students from around the country, MAVIN promises to be an exciting endeavor. Our first issue is due out January 1998, and will include academic essays, short stories, poetry, graphic art, photography, satire, and other works of special pertinence to the mixed race community.

Your name was found ont he Interracial Voice website. You have demonstrated an interest in issues pertaining to the mixed race experience. Many of you were undergoing interesting and original academic pursuits related to the mxied race experience. We strongly encourage you to submit any of your work or ideas to MAVIN to be PUBLISHED in our first issue.

Today we have a responsibility to enlighten America about its growing mixed race experience population. Through MAVIN, we will finally have a voice to express our diversity to a society that has too often ignored us. Please consider becoming involved with MAVIN. Contact me personally, or the magazine directly at the e-mail addresses below for additional information, comments, questions, etc.

Thank You,
Matthew A. Kelley
Editor-in-chief and Publisher
MAVIN Journal
“The articulate journal of the mixed race experience.”

MAVIN Journal
1102 8th Avenue, #407
Seattle, WA 98101
fax: 206.269.0324

or check out our preliminary webpage located at:


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