Job Fairs in the church – A new Approach in finding jobapplicants

Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 14:56:24 -0400
From: Teri Walker
Subject: Job Fairs in the church - A new Approach in finding jobapplicants

See attached Public Service Annoucement

By Teri Brown Walker
Human Resources Professional

Everyone has heard of the many sponsoring Job Fair organizations such as:
The Lendman Group, NAACP, Urban League, Professional Exchange, Career
Expo, AFCEA and the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church of Lanham. Wait a
minute, Mt. Calvary, Mt. Calvary who? Oh I forgot Mt. Calvary Baptist
Church of Lanham Job Fair's are FREE! Big companies like Booze Allen,
Lockheed Martin, SAIC, Raytheon, CSC, Bell Atlantic, GTE and more pay
thousands of dollars to participate in these job fairs every year hoping
to find that perfect candidate, "The One", the one that is technically
a fit and salary expectations are reasonable. Well now there is
another popular alternative on the scene - the church.

Today, churches are not just focusing on meeting the spiritual needs of
their congregation and to the community, but in also using themselves as
another resource in helping people locate jobs. Many churches are
getting involved in hosting job fairs and conducting interviewing and
resume writing workshops! Although this sounds like a great idea, you
still have those companies who would rather spend thousands of dollars
participating in a Professional Exchange job fair, competing for the
same candidate, rather than going into a church job fair for free. One
major healthcare organization in Maryland, said "it wouldn't be worth
participating in a church job fair because it would attract less than
500 applicants, who are blue-collar workers". How narrow minded to
think that a church job fair would not attract mid to senior level
professionals. There are many churches today with memberships of 5,000
or more with many different professions. Can you imagine those 5,000
people telling their friends about a church job fair, and they tell
their friends and so on and so on.

The Mt. Calvary Baptist Church of Lanham has sponsored 5 job fairs in
the last two years helping hundreds of people find jobs. On September
23, 1998 they will be sponsoring their 3rd Annual Fall Job Fair. Much
to my surprise companies like Booze Allen and Hamilton, SAIC, Raytheon,
the NASDAQ Stock Market, Lockheed Martin and many more have already
made a commitment to participate in this fall job fair. Could it be
that these companies have finally caught on?

To find out more about the Employment Ministry of Mt. Calvary Baptist
Church of Lanham call Teri Brown Walker or Pastor Bucas Sterling at

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