David Duke Candidacy Denounced by Republican Leadership Council

Republican Leadership Council
Press Release – 21 December 1998


RLC Executive Director Praises Nicholson Opposition;
Calls On Other Conservative Leaders To Denounce Ex-Klansman

Washington, DC — Mark Miller, Executive Director of the Republican Leadership Council (RLC), today applauded RNC Chairman Jim Nicholson for his swift denunciation of David Duke and called on other Republicans to publicly oppose the candidacy of the former Klansman and neo-Nazi sympathizer.

“Republicans of every ideological persuasion can agree that David Duke’s latest foray into GOP electoral politics must be opposed, and his candidacy for the House of Representatives denied legitimacy,” said Miller. “We applaud RNC Chairman Nicholson’s quick opposition to Duke’s divisive agenda, and we call on other conservative leaders and groups to state for the record their opposition to his candidacy.”

“We ask Chairman Nicholson to help us recruit and fully fund a viable Republican primary opponent to oppose Duke’s message of intolerance,” added Miller.

“I hope we can all show solidarity as a Party, and state unequivocally, that David Duke cannot, should not and will not be permitted to advance his agenda under the auspices of the Republican Party,” concluded Miller.


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