identity quiz that’s working

Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 14:04:06 -0800
From: Kevin Shannon
Subject: identity quiz that's working

Try substituting for the word “race” the meaning “habit, custom, manner,wont”.

We can all see in ourselves distinct habits, customs, manners, and wonts that make us who we are. Even the ritual of forming New Years resolutions is an attempt to get rid of unwanted
habits/customs/manners/wonts and nurture new and better ones.

Now try viewing the concept (habit, custom, manner, wont) as an identity next to the existing concepts of “race” given to Americans via the US census. The first is more “real” since we all have habits/customs/manners/wonts, and the second concept of “race” via the US census portrays 0 habits, 0 customs, 0 manners, and 0 wonts (referring to those little boxes: White, African American, American Indian, . . .). They are murky and nebulous at best. We all have a sense, to some degree or another, that this second one is flawed or fundamentally false, and this is why: It is based on false concepts.

In society today what is actually happening is THE CONCEPT OF “RACE” IS BEING RE-DEFINED, OR BETTER DEFINED and it will naturally, eventually, settle along the meaning of habit/custom/manner/wont; which was and is the meaning in God’s eye. The difficulty being
experienced today is a result of many people being (officially) led astray from that meaning for so long.  People have tried to live within the false census identities which stem from mistaken concepts and institutions have, in turn, built on top of these flawed foundations.

The various census protests regarding race classification that exist today are a natural rebellion to something that is, at its core, unnatural and false. The best approach in getting past this, to me, would be first for us all to consciously think of ourselves according
to our habits, customs, manners, and wonts, and to lay claim to those as our true “race”. (Wow -what abundant diversity exists in that Light) – And secondly align ourselves with others this way, discarding the old notions of “race”.  Everyone wins this way, according to one’s
habits/customs/manners/wonts. And the energy currently wasted on the false concept of “race” can be put to rest or put to better use (for example developing better habits/customs/manners/wonts). The debate, then, is not based on, in, around, from, or because of, false identity concepts. Shall we throw out the old census concept now or just
continue to “notsee/acknowledge” the lie it perpetuates?

Please note that when we discuss this subject as an “inherited concept from the past” and a “false teaching” then people are able to view it (theconcept) apart from oneself; and this allows one to save face, and step away from it, if so chosen. A pretty good approach for peacemakers.

The rebellion I agree with (Mary) was of the peaceful coupon clipping type.  Here, we cut out the race classification section out of the census, and tookit to Bible study. We told God about this injustice and He said:“habit/custom/manner/wont” (it’s even there in the Greek).

There is so much energy surrounding this topic, . . . let’s use it for good.  Let’s build around and from this much more accurate meaning “habit/custom/manner/wont”. Things will be a lot better because results will spring forth from a Truth. We will wind up with more excellence
because we will be looking squarely at the ingredients that make excellence.  Among them: habit/custom/manner/wont.

In Christ,
Kevin Shannon

p.s. – did the substitution at the beginning of this article make sense
to you?, try it with any (identity) label out there.


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