Race Identity By Skin Color Is Declared Dead by Amegroids

The Amegroid Society
Press Release – 25 April 1999

Press Release





After more than 500 years of being assigned an identity by others, a group of multiracial Americans have declared a new identity for themselves. In the future they will be known as the New Native Americans, and belong to a race known as the Amegroids. The name is taken from the continent of their birth; “AMERICA”.

The absolution Of race identification based on skin color will mark the beginning of a new era in race relations and the start of a truly color blind society. President Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Halle Berre, have a publicly stated that they have a mixed race heritage, therefore they could all qualify as Amegroids, the New Native Americans.

Mixed Race Americans in both North and South America are estimated to number more than 450,000. They make up the largest segment of the population in the “AMERICAS”. Old political and social systems are feeling the impact of this large multiracial group on their institutions. Even though positive advancements have been made, there are still many people who oppose these changes and are not willing to concede this new reality.

In the 21st Century, the 23 countries that make up “The Americas” will move closer together economically. They will have a combined Gross National Product (GNP) estimated to be more than 10 trillion dollars and a projected population of more than I billion, this will make It one of the most powerful nations In the world. Mixed Race Americans will help shape this new economic and trade superpower.

In 1980, the Amegroid Society of America, (ASA) was established in the United States. Its purpose was to give sanction to Amegroids. The Amegroid Society is opened to mixed race Americans who have a racial heritage that include at least two of the three major root races [Negroid, Mongoloid, Caucasoid] and was born on the Continent of America. ASA is a cultural and social membership organization that accepts members that are not suffering from a lack of identity.

However, biological qualifications alone may not be enough to qualify for membership in the Amegroid Society.

Society-members are strong minded, self-sustaining individuals who are not affected by or accepting of others race classifications or philosophies. They are capable confident people that have their own culture, religion, and philosophy and have not sought to camouflage themselves by identifying with any of the three major root races.

To enlighten the general public the Amegroid Society sponsor public forums, private discussion groups, heritage workshops and seminars. The Amegroid Society is also compiling a registry for Amegroids; it is the official record book of the Amegroid Race. The registry will allow future Amegroid offspring to trace their racial heritage in America.

The history and future outlook for the Amegroid Race is detailed in a new book called Amegroids, The New Native Americans. If you or your offspring have a multiracial heritage or knows someone who does, this book is a must read.


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