“The Boondocks” Comic Strip Promotes “One Drop” Myth

A new comic strip called “The Boondocks” is promoting the “one drop” myth and ridiculing “interracial” marriage and ancestry in the comics pages of daily newspapers throughout the country. Its creator, “black” cartoonist Aaron McGruder, has made no secret of his contempt for free choice in “racial” identification.

Most of “The Boondocks” seems devoted to the bullying of a multiracial girl, “Jazmine DuBois,” by the pint-sized black militant protagonist, “Huey.” The “Huey” character is, according to “The Boondocks” web site (http://www.boondocks.net/huey.html), the spokesman for the cartoonist. It is “Huey’s” mission to force “Jazmine” to renounce her European-American ancestry and “white” mother in favor of an allegiance to his Afro-centric, white-hating, black-militant ideology. He insists that the numerous ethnicities in her ancestry equal nothing but “black.”

“Jazmine’s” parents are ridiculed to show McGruder’s opposition to official “interracial” marriages. Her “white” mother is presented as a frivolous liberal who doesn’t realize that she can never understand any “black thing,” and her father, Tom (no accidental use of that name), is presented as inferior to the black-militant child, “Huey,” in understanding the “racial” realities of the world. Not surprisingly, McGruder opposes official “interracial” marriages while making “Jazmine” into a sex symbol for young “black” males like “Huey.” His web page describes “Jazmine” as a “confused cutie-pie” (http://www.boondocks.net/characters.html). We’ve heard THAT song before!

“Huey” insists that “Jazmine’s” frizzy hair gives her no choice but to be “black” (despite her fair skin, green eyes and light-brown hair (http://www.boondocks.net/jazmine.html). You can bet the rent that no one in “The Boondocks” will defend Jazmine by pointing out that plenty of “white” people have “frizzy” hair or that Latinos and North Africans with far more “black” ancestry than Jazmine do not call themselves “black” and do not fear that anyone can force them to do so. No one will point out that “Jazmine” has the legal right to reject a forced “black” identity.

The game is given to “Huey’s” black militancy because the author makes sure that he never encounters a truly logical or sharp response to his bullying.

The “Jazmine” character’s rejection of forced, mutually exclusive racial categories is described as “utopian” and “confused” on “The Boondocks” web page. It may come as news to McGruder that many people in this country agree with “Jazmine.” Not only has the Multiracial Movement forced an increased awareness and use of mixed-race terminologies, but the Libertarian Party has advocated the total abolition of legal “racial” categories. You will never hear about that in “The Boondocks.”

Aaron McGruder’s comic strip presents a 1960s “Black Panther” view of the world. It’s time he grew up and accepted the fact that the world cannot be neatly divided into “black” and “white.”

I urge your readers to e-mail local newspapers in which “The Boondocks” appears and protest McGruder’s “one drop” racism.

A.D. Powell


  1. If you understand biology,and who all scientist have begrudgingly acknowledged the first people were,then you can except what we all are.If you are of a darker skin and have tightly curled hair but your great grandparent was of Native American ancestry can you then go to a reservation and say you now would like to open a casino?Every AFRO american has ancestors that are not identified as black, does that mean you are not black?African women were pregnant with the slave runners babies as they came off the slave ship.Tell me did that give them exemption from slavery.What amazes me is that you seem to be upset with the messenger.It’s amazing to me that you don’t understand what or why the powers that be want ” color blind organizations”.There is power in numbers,black people are the most excepting people in the world of every culture there is.Black people have absorbed latin,european,asians,and everything in between in the so called black community.I also know that we have not been or will not be absorbed,permitted or allowed to have the same freedoms in their communities.But when black people say what everyone else knows then the messenger is attacked for telling the truth.It also seems strange that the views of the boondocks are called militant.Also if one understood that the”Black Panthers” were not anti white but pro people,at the start of a panther speach their creedo was spoken,Power to Black PEOPLE,Power to BROWN People,Power to Red People,Power to White People, POWER TO THE PEOPLE.When you understand the power structure and understand why you feel it’s necessary to except ancestry that’s usually not apparent too anyone but themselves you cheat yourself and others who know what the real agenda of the day is.

    2/21/2004 3:22:19 PM

  2. Learn to read, please. “Jazmine” knows that she is PART black (as opposed to “black”). Also, she does not have any African features. That is your “one drop” fantasy. “Huey” represents the bullying inferiority complex that makes the “soul patrol” desperate to claim the offspring of the “white race” they both hate and adore. “Huey” is sick, not “Jazmine.”

    7/2/2004 3:12:55 PM

  3. “Jazmine” knows that she is PART black (as opposed to “black”). Also, she does not have any African features. That is your “one drop” fantasy. “Huey” represents the bullying inferiority complex that makes the “soul patrol” desperate to claim the offspring of the “white race” they both hate and adore.
    If the idea of denying black ancestry offends you so much, when are you going to post that message to Latino and Arab web sites? American blacks seem to respect THEIR “denial” of African ancestry.

    7/7/2004 6:01:52 PM

  4. First of all, I think the Boondocks overall is a good comic strip. I began reading it when it first appeared in the Washington post. Aaron’s views are his views, no one can change that. Why would you anyways?. Being a cartoonist myself, I learned a long time ago that everybody will not like your work and that’s cool. Different strokes for different folks. Your favorite movie may be the same movie I hate but that doesen’t make it a bad or good film. The same goes for Aaron’s Boondocks. I think Aaron is doing an excellent job overall. I say overall because some of his topics I feel he rides to long but I have know right to bash him for that. While others I can sit back and say “I’ll give you props on this one”. From one cartoonist to another, keep doing your thang. To those who have nothing better to do but bash remember this “Every thing you love or like, someone else dislikes”. Get over it.

    8/16/2004 7:38:23 PM

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