The Multiracial Activist Says “Send the Racist Boondocks Comic Strip Back to the Boondocks”

The Multiracial Activist
Press Release – 18 June 1999



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ALEXANDRIA, VA — The Boondocks, a comic strip run daily by newspapers nationwide, presents a militant, afrocentric view of America through the eyes of “Huey”, it’s chief character and protagonist. It also promotes an intolerant view of mixed-race ancestry and interracial marriage. Many installments of the strip, specifically those run on April 28, 29 and May 5, 6, 8, 11, 12, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 are dedicated to “Huey” bashing another character “Jazmine” for choosing to identify as biracial as well as belittlement of interracial marriages. This type of message only breeds further intolerance and hatred. This is not comedic expression. It is bigotry disguised as a comic strip and leveled at an already oppressed segment of the population, biracial/multiracial children and adults as well as those monoracial individuals who choose to marry across color-lines.

Ms. A.D. Powell, a political activist and self-identifying white multiracial author and contributor to the INTERRACIAL VOICE web site had these words to describe “The Boondocks”:

“Aaron McGruder’s hate propaganda is especially harmful to children who see the bullying and harassment of the multiracial character, “Jazmine,” into a false “black” identity presented as a positive thing. Indeed, the message that “Jazmine” is too inferior to also claim her European ancestry but is a “confused cutie-pie” for white-hating black males appears to be the main theme of “The Boondocks.” McGruder has spent more time on this theme than any other. Adults should know that they have the legal, social and moral right to call themselves multiracial or even that “godlike” appellation “white.” Children, however, are vulnerable. They are the targets for McGruder’s “We’ll take you against your will” advocacy of “ethnic rape.”

The message of The Boondocks is clear, McGruder opposes biracial identity and interracial marriage and makes that plain through the constant bashing of the biracial character “Jazmine” by “Huey” and by belittling an interracial couple, her parents, in the strip. By naming Jazmine’s black father “Tom”, McGruder is essentially saying that he is an “Uncle Tom” for marrying a white woman, a point not lost on many in the biracial/multiracial/interracial community.

This is unacceptable. The Multiracial Activist urges all papers and magazines carrying “The Boondocks” to discontinue running the racist strip. In America, in 1999, there is no place for this kind of disgusting, public display of hatred disguised as artistic expression. The Multiracial Activist knows that our nation’s conscientious editors and publishers, when confronted with the truth about this racist comic strip, will do the right thing and reject Mr. McGruder’s unacceptable intolerance towards our community.


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    1. Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999 15:27:04 -0700
      From: Frederick R. Logan
      Subject: With Regards to the Boondocks

      Hello my fellow interracials/multiracials/multiethnics,

      Maybe it is just me, but I love the “boondocks”. I do believe that the comic strip pokes fun at both black people and people of direct “interracial” descent equally. It is just that so many people of interracial descent (as well as black people) can be so damn sensitive.

      I have been called everything under the sun (an example: I have been called a Nigger and a Cracker on the same day) and gone through some serious !@#$!@ because of my “interracial” background. But I still laugh at it all. Yes, with all honesty, I have cried in the past and been angry because of being ridiculed for being different, but there comes a time when you just have to laugh at it all (especially at other peoples ignorance and fears).

      The comic strip is making fun more-so of the younger urban hip-hop generation and those from the suburbs that want to emulate them. Yes, it does make fun of the poor-little interracial girls and her parents. So What? Because this person isn’t being more “sensitive” to the plight of interracial couples and their children, we should condemn the comic strip.

      The bottom line is that the “Boondocks” makes fun of all the characters equally (especially the main character Huey). But some of us more “righteous” multiethnic/interracial brothers and sisters, have this proverbial bug up their ass and need to jump on any perceived slight to interracial people.

      Give me a break.

      Like I said, with all the things I have gone through (being both interracial and raised in a non-Christian house-hold) and all the things I have been called, I can still laugh at the Boondocks by the merits of it just being funny.

      People need to be able to laugh at themselves and those like them.

      This comic strip is very multifaceted. It is a comic strip and is supposed to be light and funny, but it does deal with other subjects that may not be overtly funny. An example is it showing the need for a man-child (the main-character: Huey) to have some guidance from a male role-model (his grandfather) and the subsequent interactions between them (and hueys brother). What happened to his parents in the strip, I have no idea. Unfortunately, this strip mirrors some semblance of reality in that there is a sizable number of black (and interracial) children that are being raised by their grandparents. Now, to repeat myself, I said a sizable number of black (and interracial) children, not all.

      To be honest, I don’t care if you are interracial or black or whatever, you need to do as my little cousins tell me all the time: “you need to take a chill-pill”

      Hey, if you cant’ laugh at such things, well why the hell are you alive???

      Peace and Afro-Grease,

      Frederick R. Logan

    2. Date: Sat, 26 Jun 1999 15:28:56 +0930
      From: Funky J
      Subject: Boondocks in “The Internet Anti-Fascist: Tues, 22 June 99”

      This is the biggest load of shit.

      The following shows me how out of touch most “Anti-racist” people are.

      This comic IS funny, and it’s a PARODY. Do you know what that means?

      Or you a bunch of self rightous bastards who believe that banning anything you don’t understand or like is the key to “Peace on Earth”.

      Most people who view this comic don’t analyse it to death. they look at it, chuckle, and forget it.

      To me, this shows the devide between CLASS, not race. It is obvious to me that Aaron McGruder comes from an underclassed background, and at the first sign of success you have to beat him down under the banner of “anti-racism”. His strong words and attitude offend your sensibilities, so you have to choose a political method to silence him.

      Paul: this is the third time in a row I have been pissed off at something in your email. I’m sorry, but can you not email me anymore. The views you present are too misguided for me to continue to bother with it.

      Yours Sincerely

      Funky J

      The Internet Anti-Fascist: Tuesday, 22 June 99
      Vol. 3, Numbers 48 (#287)
      The Multi-Racial Activist (18 Jun 99)


      Too Weird to be Alive, Too Rare to Die
      ICQ # 8322116


      um ok lets a ll take a deep breath and say the following ……its only a comic its only a comic…. its only a comic…..if you feel that your worth is determined by an cartoonists views of how we relate to each other, black white mutiracial muticultural whatever…….then you need to seek help immediately! my identity is not tied up in a comic strip but by the morals and guidance of my parents and elders……..get real and get over it ………..sheesh

    4. From I. Lee:

      To A.D and anyone else who has a problem with A.M.:

      Mr. McGruder is a far cry from being an idiot. In fact, the man could very well be considered a genious. His views and opinions of the United States and race is truley legitamate. I think both blacks and whites can find characteristics of themseleves in this comic. I am a black teenager and although the area I live in is diverse, the city and press, i must say is controlled by a certain group of people that would neither understand or approve of “Boondocks.” It just so happens that I was introduced to the comic by a friend of mine who is half white and half jamaican. She thinks the strip is hilarious. Just how I have my opinion about “Boondocks” and Powell does also, Mr. McGrudger has his opinion too. And just because he has the ability to distribute his opinion to a large audience is no reason to constantly bash him.

      I. Lee

    5. From OddRodd:

      My beef is that: The cartoon after the censoring of the Reagon…

      …..What’s more important, your wallet or the truth?………To me it’s obvious it’s your wallet! ( Whoever is responsible)……..Print the truth and stop being so afraid of Mike Powell. Stand up or let me believe that you are a hypoctite!

      The best cartoon on the planet; Boondocks has disappointed me, big time!


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