Tiger Woods Syndrome

Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 11:40:44 -0600
From: Charlotte Waldron
To: Eugene Kane
Subject: Tiger Woods Syndrome

I was just connected to your article regarding the new manager for the
Brewers and am pleased to know that just because I look Greek, Spanish or
Italian that I no longer have to consider myself "plain white". I can call
myself what I look like, no matter the truth (that my family has lived in
this country since the Mayflower came over and there is no
"interesting/ethnic" mention in any family record). Now to pull my leg out
of my mouth (my foot kept going). I do not understand why some people get
their panties in a wad when other, unrelated people include all members of
their family (especially immediate, i.e. Mother or Father) in their
description of themselves. People should be proud of who they are
regardless of how "the masses" perceive them. I would LOVE to be something
other than "typical cracker", but I'm not, so I have to live with it. Other
people should be afforded the option to live with what they are, too,
without cowtowing to some hypodescent power myth that is rooted in control
and manipulation. I'm sorry that the main reason you like the new Brewers
manager is because he did just that. Don't expect too much standing up out
of him, he doesn't seem to have much back bone.

Charlotte Waldron

Editor: Ms. Waldron is referring to a column written by Eugene Kane
of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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