The Internet Anti-Fascist:Friday, 07 January 2000

The Internet Anti-Fascist:
Friday, 07 January 2000 —
Vol. 4, Number 2 (#374)

  CONTENTS  Anti-fascist Action Alert #88: Demo: Desecration of Auschwitz Cemetary Fundraising Appeal: National Network For Immigrant & Refugee Rights Another Racist Organizer Bumped For Contract Violations Letter to TINAF from Citizens Against Police Brutality-Montreal -- 4 Jan 00 AP, "Dhaka Rally Opposes Fundamentalism," 2 Jan 00 What's Worth Checking: 10 stories  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------  ANTI-FASCIST ACTION ALERT #88: DEMO: DESECRATION OF AUSCHWITZ CEMETARY NEW YORK CITY -- 27 JANUARY  To mark the 55th Anniversary of the 'liberation' of Auschwitz, the world's largest cemetery where millions of Jews were slaughtered for being Jews; and to protest the desecration of this 'sacred Jewish cemetery' by the Polish Government, putting crosses there and fastfood, banking and postoffice crass commercialism, to deny the mass extermination of Jews, this protest will take place on 1/27/00 at 5P.M. to 6P.M..  Please join with Shalom International and the International Union of Industrial, Service, Transport and Health Employees if you are in NYC, and please help to get the word out on this vital occassion.  If you can also protest in your own communities this attempt by the Polish Government to cover-up its Nazi collaboration during the Holocaust as well as its present dreadful anti-Semitic politics, please let us know immediately.    --  Yours In Shalom,       Bob Kunst       Shalom International  (We have done 24 anti-Polish protests in the last two years in 18 cities and 3 countries with the help of Amcha in NYC and Betar in London.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------  FUNDRAISING APPEAL: NATIONAL NETWORK FOR IMMIGRANT & REFUGEE RIGHTS  There's still time to double your donation to the National Network for  Immigrant and Refugee Rights. Through January 15, Working Assets will  double your donation when you donate online at  at The following information from Working Assets explains more.  Happy New Year and thanks for your support to build a stronger movement  for immigrant and refugee rights.   National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIRR) 310-8th St., Ste. 307 Oakland, CA 94607 510.465.1984 510.465.1885 (fax) Visit us at  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------  ANOTHER RACIST ORGANIZER BUMPED FOR CONTRACT VIOLATIONS Allen Steadham (Love Knows No Colors) -- 4 Jan 00  Dear James [of the Multi-racial Activist Newsletter] and Paul and friends,  Thought you might want to know about a new victory over the racists/fascists.  Happy New Year/Millennium!    --  Best Wishes,       Allen       5 Jan 00                                   - - - - -  Letter from Bravenet Support to A. Steadham -- 4 Jan 00 Subject: Re: Racists Using Bravenet's Free Mailing List Format  Hi Allen,  Thank you for bringing this site to our attention. We do not condone the use of "any" Bravenet service for these types of sites. I deleted the site "without predjudice" :)  As part of my job, I had to actually read some of the garbage on this site in order to look for a TOS violation and it sickened me.  Thank you again and have a great new year.    --  Bravenet Support                                   - - - - -  Letter from A. Steadham to Bravenet Support -- 3 Jan 00 Subject: Racists Using Bravenet's Free Mailing List Format  Dear Brad and Dave,  A Racist named "theusaman" has a site called "I Love White Folks!" which is a storehouse of racist information (if you have any questions, read any of  his articles at  This individual is taking advantage of the fine free mailing list services at Bravenet to further his racist agenda.  This can be observed at the above URL (towards the bottom of the page).  I was informed of this individual as he tried to lure people to his page from one of my forums (an interracial/multicultural forum).  I thought you would want to know about this individual immediately.  If you have any questions, I am at your disposal.  Thanks for your time and attention to this matter.    --  Best Wishes,       Allen Steadham  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------  LETTER TO TINAF FROM CITIZENS AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY-MONTREAL -- 4 Jan 00  Dear Paul Kneisel  First off I'd like to say that many of us here in Montreal have appreciated and at times have used the information that you have sent us. Our group being COBP (French acronym for Citizens Against Police Brutality). Hopefully in the future, we'll be able to even use it more. We use the info in different ways; reading, distributing, airing on the radio, etc. Keep up the great work! ...  Again, all of us from COBP thank you.   COBP Montreal, Quebec, Canada 4 Jan 00  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------  DHAKA RALLY OPPOSES FUNDAMENTALISM AP -- 2 Jan 00  DHAKA, Bangladesh -- Nearly 5,000 people gathered at a New Year's Day rally in the Bangladeshi capital Sunday, waving banners and chanting slogans against Islamic fundamentalists.  "Fundamentalism is opposed to civilization," read one of the many banners at the demonstration where Bangladesh's leading academics and women rights activists warned against conservative Islamic groups.  "We are opposed to Islamic fundamentalists because they don't recognize the rights of women," said Ayesha Khanam, president of Bangladesh Maohila Parishad, a women rights group.  Even though secular laws govern predominantly Muslim Bangladesh, there are dozens of Islamic fundamentalist groups that want women to wear all- enveloping veils and oppose their education.  Islamic radicals forced Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasrin to flee the country for the second time last year, accusing her of blaspheming Islam in her writings. They called for her death after she called for changes in Islamic Shariah law to give Muslim women more rights.  Nasrin lives in self-imposed exile in Europe.  In Bangladesh, conservative Muslim groups have little political appeal, but Islamic preachers have pockets of influence in the villages.  "We must not lower our guard against those who are opposed to liberalism and secularism," Syed Hasan Imam, a popular stage actor said.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------                              WHAT'S WORTH CHECKING    stories via <>  Pauline Jelinek (Associated Press) , "Nazi Forced Laborers Demand $5.7B," 13 Dec 99, "Lawyers representing former Nazi forced laborers asked Monday for $5.7 billion - a demand that for the first time seeks compensation from American companies in addition to German corporations and the German government. Negotiations between survivors and German industry and government were in disarray Monday, however, because an opposing offer also was made by other survivor groups involved in the negotiations, a lawyer for one group said." <1311.txt>  Michelle Mittelstadt (Associated Press), "Groups Fighting Racial Profiling," 14 Dec 99, "Determined to reduce racial profiling in making traffic stops, Hispanic organizations and the ACLU teamed Tuesday to raise sensitivity in police departments and call for more Latino cops on the beat. 'We should be in a country where, when a police officer approaches us, we feel safe,' said Raul Yzaguirre, president of the National Council of La Raza." <1312.txt>  Nicholas K. Geranios (Associated Press), "Hate Groups Plan New Year's Defense," 16 Dec 99, "At the dawn of the new millennium, members of the Aryan Nations say they will be hunkered down on their property, prepared to defend their whites-only compound. The leader of the World Church of the Creator says he, too, will be ready." <1313.txt>  Associated Press (no author), "Accused Nazi To Be Tried in France," 17 Dec 99, "A French court confirmed Friday it would try an accused Nazi war criminal in absentia for allegedly deporting about 250 Jewish children to Auschwitz, where they died, judicial officials said. <1314.txt>  Barbara G. Baker (Human Rights Without Frontiers), "Turkish Police Halt Press Conference for Bishop: Status of Turkey's Evangelical Protestants Remains Unclear," 10 Dec 99, "As a guest of Turkey's independent Protestant churches, Bishop  Michael Nazir Ali had been invited to Turkey as part of preliminary millennium  celebrations to observe the 2000th anniversary of Christ's birth. The Anglican  cleric's hosts had booked a seminar room at the Ceylan International Hotel for  the press meeting. A police spokesman who said he had been sent from the Istanbul  governor's office told Bishop Michael through an interpreter that he regretted  having to cancel the press conference. He said the meeting's sponsors had failed  to obtain permission from security police headquarters, which he said was  required under Code 2911 of the Meetings and Demonstrations Law." <1315.txt>  Fairness and Accuracy In Media (no author), "Pacifica's WPFW Axes FAIR's CounterSpin: Media Criticism Show Cancelled After Three Earlier Instances of Censorship," 10 Dec 99, "Without notice to producers or listeners, the Washington, D.C.-based Pacifica affiliate WPFW has cancelled FAIR's radio show, CounterSpin. FAIR learned of the cancellation early this week when listeners called our offices to ask why the show was not on the air. CounterSpin--a media criticism show--has been censored by Pacifica stations five times this year for covering the ongoing crisis at the network.  A brief history...." <1316.txt>  Zenit Weekly Report (Vatican), "Religious Hate Crime Against Jews At Georgetown Denounced: Catholic Leaders Join Jewish Students in Expressing Outrage," 7 Dec 99, "Catholic and Jewish leaders at Georgetown University have united to denounce the vandalism carried out last Saturday against a Menorah placed on the campus by the Jewish Student's Association. ... On Monday night, Cardinal Newman Society President Manuel A. Miranda joined Georgetown University President Leo J. O'Donovan, S.J. and University Chaplain Fr. Adam Bunnell in a meeting led by Georgetown's Jewish Student's Association to react to the violence. 'Violence done to the faith traditions of any people is a violence done to all people of faith, and to all who love American freedom,' said Miranda." <1317.txt>  Harpaz (Bergen Record), "AIDS Activists Blast Catholic Church's Position on Abortion, Sex Education," 13 Dec 99 13 Dec 99 <1318.txt>  Amnesty International, "The imminent execution of John Paul Penry," 13 Dec 99, "On 17 July 1990 a fax from the United States arrived at Amnesty International’s London Secretariat. It read simply: 'Penry was sentenced to death again today by Texas jury.' It was a message no less shocking for its brevity. For behind those few words lay a tragic story of mental impairment and murder that continues to speak volumes about crime and punishment in the USA." <1319.txt>  Associated Press (no author), "Attacker pleads guilty in dragging -- He has prior record; life sentence is possible," 7 Dec 99, "A white man accused of using his car to drag a black man across a parking lot has pleaded guilty to reduced charges. Charles Joe Raab, 31, of Wyoming, Mich., entered his guilty plea Friday to charges of ethnic intimidation and assault with intent to cause great bodily harm. The case had been scheduled to go to trial this week."  <1320.txt>                             * * * * *  In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, this material is distributed without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only.  __________________________________________________________________________                                 FASCISM:    We have no ethical right to forgive, no historical right to forget.            (No permission required for noncommercial reproduction)                                 - - - - -                         back issues archived via:                 <>  

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