Henriette Delille and Vanessa Williams

The “Lifetime” cable channel is showing a film called “Courage to Love” in which the “mulatress” Vanessa Williams (the former, so-called “black” Miss America) is trying to portray the Creole and predominately European 19th century Roman Catholic nun Henriette Delille.

Not only does Williams not look like the “quadroon” she is supposed to be playing, she uses the term “black” to refer to obviously mixed-race people. Creole society in the 19th century distinguished between “free people of color” and “blacks.” Williams seemed to be promoting a “one drop” agenda.

Some “Black” Catholics in the U.S. are on a crusade to have Delille declared a “black” saint. Her picture is below. Does she look “black” to you? If “blacks” come in “all colors,” as the “one drop” idiots contend, why are they afraid to have Delille and others like her portrayed by actors who actually looked like them? They know that, if they told the truth, it would be clear that the people they are desperate to claim were NOT BLACK.


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  1. “society in the 19th century distinguished between “free people of color” and “blacks.””
    Actually, that society distinguished between Free People of Color and near-pure-African Slaves. Free People of Color included not only Afro-European people, but near-pure-African Haitian migrants (Edmond Dede), free Native Americans, Mestizoes, and Afro-Amerindian peoples as well.

    3/18/2004 11:32:13 AM

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