Multicultural Info Wanted

From: Safara Fisher

I just clicked on to your web page. I am currently a Masters student in Sociology and Education. I am researching about biracial identity and education. I became interested in the topic after a class discussion here at Teachers College on Ebonics. I thought about how biracial students would fit into the language debate. What are some of the issues that are being discussed around biracial students and new curriculum and/or classroom development. How does being biracial or multiracial affect learning?

I would appreciate any information you may have to offer (referrals for periodicals, books, authors etc.) In addition, my career goal is to teach about multiculturalism to students who are interested in education. Are there other people who are interested in my subject matter? Are there any career fairs or conventions around multiculturalism? I would like to be on your mailing list or email list.

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