Women in Interracial Marriages

I am a student college conducting a survey for a research project in order to complete my degree in Sociology. This survey is strictly a pilot to the real research project I plan on doing in the fall. The results of this survey would not be a true accurate representation of our society, because of the restrictions of using the internet. I would like a few female respondents that are in an interracial marriage to reply to this survey to see if my research is worth doing. The research I am conducting is to find out if being in an interracial marriage has had any effect on the relationship of women and their parents. In other words, did this marriage cause any changes in the relationship (if any) with a woman and her parents. The source of my interest is that I am a bi-racial person also in an interracial marriage. If you could find the time to please answer my survey it would be greatly appreciated, no personal information is required of you and your responses will only be used for the purpose of my class, it will not be published. Also if you have any friends that have access to a computer and are in a similar situation, please invite them to take this survey also.

Again Thank You for Your Time,
Ronald M. Rigaud

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