Setting the Record Straight on the CCC

First off, as a Libertarian, I have nothing but contempt for the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) and their campaign against free will and individual rights to “race-mix”, but if we are going to talk about them, let’s tell the whole truth. Trent Lott has a long history with them and he is guilty as charged in that respect. Bob Barr, however, mistakenly went to one meeting of the CCC and then berated the organization at lenght for convincing his staff that they were a mainstream conservative organization. He has never met with them again and had NEVER written for any of their publications. Ever.

Second, several Democratic state legislators in Mississippi do indeed have ties to the CCC according to Washington Post reporter Thomas Edsall, who covered the CCC issue extensively. This is disgusting and the Democratic Party has cowardly never owned up to this fact. The CCC is a hate group and Trent Lott, along with several Mississippi Democrats are sympathetic to their views. Bob Barr, however, who as a prosecutor put several white supremacists in prison, is not.

Again, while I have nothing but contempt for the CCC, I also believe in telling the truth. Much in the present discussion of the CCC has been misinformation and gossip. Yes, both Republicans and Democrats have had ties with the CCC. It is wrong both ways, but I only see one party being criticized for it. As far as racists in the Democratic Party goes, I could talk about that for hours. Anyone who took part in the 1997 hearings on multiracial self-identification in the census saw intolerance and hate being expressed by liberal Democrats towards interracial relationships and toward those of black-white heritage who identify as both black AND white, rather than submit to the one-drop rule. Several members of the Congressional Black Caucus said that identifying as biracial or multiracial was akin to “running from their blackness” and other equally disgusting descriptions. The same sentiments from a conservative would have been front page news. It’s a double standard and a clear case of racist liberal intolerance. In effect, what was said is that anyone with even a slight amount of African heritage MUST identify as black ONLY or they are a race traitor. Everyone should be held accountable for racist actions, not just those in the Republican Party. If liberals are really going to try to maintain any semblence of occupying the moral high ground then they need to start cleaning house now, before pointing another finger at anyone else. Regardless of your opinion on multiracial self-identification, maliciously targeting those who wish to exercise their free-will to identify as biracial or multiracial by using intimidation and name-calling to force them into an monoracial identity is sickening, not to mention racist and intolerant. There is no place for that in any party and it’s far past time for liberals to stop pretending that this time of activity is acceptable.

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