Research on Multiracial Identity

From: Debbie Jones_Ohe

I am a biracial UC Berkeley student doing an honors thesis on multiracial identity.  I am looking to interview (during Jan-Feb 2001). adult, male or female, individuals (preferably but not limited to over 25) who have one African American parent and one Caucasian parent I am seeking mixed-race individuals who belong to organizations with a focus on supporting/advocating mulitracial people and issues. I also seek to interview mixed-race individuals who choose to belong to organizations that support/advocate mostly or strictly African American/Black issues. I will also consider those who do not belong to organizations, but have strong beliefs about thier identity choices. I live in California (near Berkeley/ San Francisco) but I am willing to travel within the state or to arrange telephone/email interviews. I will gladly award each volunteer with 15 lottery tickets upon completion of the interview to show my appreciation for your help.

Participants may also receive a copy of the finished thesis. If you are interested, or if you can help me to locate individuals who might be able to participate, please contact me at:

(510) 559-9270 (leave a message if I am not home) or email me @

Thank You!

Debbie Jones-Ohel

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