Letter to the Editor

Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 07:04:32 -0800 (PST)
From: "Martin"
Subject: Letter to the Editor

First of all….I come in peace lol. I wrote this letter to a NATIRAH website. Seemed to be Multiracial activists like yourself so I give to you also-

Hello! My name is Martin. I am a 21 year old Afro-American. I use Afro cause I am not on the continent of Africa but I want my racial identity. So I choose "Afro-American" rather than "African American" or especially the rather bland and degrading "Black American." Not just American cause diversity is interesting.

I find your site to be rather interesting. Actually I encourage it. I encourage your organization largely cause it will hopefully indirectly be beneficial for the black community. You becoming "Tan Nationalists" would probably result in the black community becoming black nationalist and putting our own interest first rather than being all so all inclusive and lovey dovey of other people that we amalgamate ourselves into extinction. So people who cross color lines have to admit they are no longer helping their former communities.

Because……as I hope we agree…..preferring ones own race does not equate hating another race. Preference does not equate Racism. I say this realizing that I myself are considered a "light skinned black." I identify with being a black person. Not a Mulatto. Both of my parents are considered black. The last interracial instances in my family tree were at least 200 years ago or more. Even though I am light skinned, I realize it is in the best interests of the black community to stay mostly…..well……black. I don't need permission nor acceptance of other people, black or white, to know that I am black. So don't try to recruit me -)

First a few quick suggestions.

1. Please don't continue to claim cultural icons of the black community for your own. At least not your absolute own. If they considered themselves black so should you. Please cease doing this. It will only cause violence and is completely unfair to black people. Many of the famous light blacks became famous precisely cause they were light and had access to better education. This was to suppress the black community.

Ironically if you do claim light blacks in history in America, you also take some of the responsibility of dividing and suppressing the black Community. Differences in color were intentionally created by whites to divide and conquer blacks. To get us fighting amongst ourselves. Some light blacks acted bougie, some did not. For you to steal light blacks in history is just plain dirty. Don't speak for light blacks who are identified as blacks in history just to serve your own agenda. I dunno maybe we can share…..

2. Please don't claim to be superior or more enlightened cause you supposedly don't worry about race and just call yourself a human. Nobody wants to be colorblind to the point that their race/culture no longer exist. Except certain black people. Thus the problem. In reality you are creating a new race, the NATIRAH race as I believe you call it. Being unambiguous is boring. That's why u made this site. The fact that you have this website proves that you want to have your own racial identity. You want to be "a people." Its a new race. The American NATIRAH. Or is that Natirah-American lol.

3. "One-dropping" was invented by white people to keep them in power. Get mad at them about it

Im not saying for you to not gather biracial people who want to identify as biracial. Im just saying don't try to…well….recruit people who don't wanna be recruited…and never thought of being recruited. Let them come to you. ADVERTISE DON'T COLONIALISE!!!I say this because it seems to be the way people operate nowadays. Sorry just wanted to say that lol….

Anyways, in the best interests of both the black and tan communities…….I propose to you some suggestions to keep this as peaceful between us as possible

DO NOT TRY TO GET MEMBERS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY WHO ARE NOT "IMMEDIATELY BIRACIAL" In other words race mixing was not their parents but their older ancestors (great great great granny was white). Only try to get the ones where one of their parents considers themselves black and the other not. Only when they are young and only in front of their parents. And be careful with those also.

Much of the black community has a certain amount of "mixing" in it. People who consider themselves to be light skinned blacks, and have been all their life, are not about to change for your goals. I wouldn't try to go around recruiting people by embarrassing them in front of other blacks (or whites) by saying "Your not black so join me." Violence will follow. I know it would from me. Is your goal to strengthen the Tan community or destroy the black community. I know some of you are bitter from past experiences with blacks these feelings will only serve to harm u. Fight for love of your people not hate of others. Just as I tell blacks.

By these standards you are pretty much limited to people who are in new interracial families. Approach them since they have been outcasted for selling their race out for their love. Yes, they did sell their race out….the most important thing to the black community is to keep having black decedents…..black children. Black people not having black children chips away at a community that is already a struggling minority to begin with.

But it is their choice. Love is all powerful. It can make people make good choices and bad. You know what is in your hearts not I.

I imagine you guys are gonna be making yourselves known across America pretty soon and I wish you luck. Few more things though!!!!!!!

DON'T GO TO THE BLACK UNCLE TOMS FOR HELP!!! (Clarence Thomas, Larry Elder, Shelby Steele, etc.) You can usually find uncle toms by their common traits.

– Believes in economic progress at the cost of the loss racial/ethnic identity/unification (assimilation)

– Claim they want diversity but try to downplay the importance of racial/cultrual/ ethnic identity. (Assimilation)

– Disassociate themselves with their culture/ethnicity on the basis of being "colorblind" (if they ever had any).

– Can be found saying things like "Racism disappeared" Poof! Just like that!

– Generally gives the impression of never having been around, or preferring not to be around a lot of black people.

– Doesn't socialize amongst blacks in general.

– Wants blacks to be completely unambiguous and not exist as a people with their own culture.

Only approach famous blacks/leaders who are trusted within the black community because they socialize among black people and value black identity. (Jesse Jackson, Tavis Smiley, Michael Eric Dyson, Maxine Waters, etc.).

This may be difficult because the Uncle Toms will adore you!! While the black leaders may firstly reject you. Its all in how you approach it. If you go to the uncle toms it will only confirm the belief that people are in Biracial relationships only because they hate their own race and for social status (Which is what a tom would do). If you do like I suggested and only go for the new biracial families (who aren't toms and fetishes with a color complex)…..you may avoid a lot of unnecessary conflict. Try for the healthy interracial families…not the unhealthy ones. If thats at all possible.

I want black communities to exist just like you want tan ones to exist. And yes I realize this was only concerning black and white relationships but you can follow the same principals for other combinations accordingly.

I send you these suggestion in peace. And wish you luck…..you'll need it

Editor's Response: What a scary little letter. Martin says, "I propose to you some suggestions to keep this as peaceful between us as possible." In other words, do as I say or there will be trouble. I, for one am not impressed. The fact that young Martin felt the need to write it at all is a sign that the tide is turning. Read, "The Dam is Breaking" at INTERRACIAL VOICE. Martin says: "One-dropping" was invented by white people to keep them in power. Get mad at them about it". FYI, I know about the origins of the one-drop rule, thank you. I could care less about who invented it, what I care about now is who is wielding it a tool of oppression. Martin's statement is akin to a child saying, "but he started it." I don't care who started it, it is far past time to grow up and stop doing it. The time for childish excuses and name-calling is over.

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