Letter to the Editor: skin color

Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 16:15:46 EST
From: "Anuinette M."
Subject: skin color

For years since I've been learning about the Multiracial group, I have been hear the same old stereotype that all multiracial people are light skinned. that is not true!

I am 1/2 black, 1/2 Native American,and 1/4 Irish so I count as multiracial. And my skin is as brown as chocolate. But I did not inherit any physical African features, like that my hair only curls into spanish waves,and I don't chemically straighten my hair.

plus I have a small nose and thin lips. So most people (especially other blacks) have figured that I was Indonesian, East Indian, or any other non-african dark-skinned racial group. So sometimes its not always skincolor that shows racial mixture. And All those people who said blacks are the only ones that will get along with black multiracials because of their physical appearance need to hear my story.

In my life the only group of people that tormented me because of my looks and behavior were Blacks. Because of my family's middle-class lifestyle and my Standard ("proper") dialect, people assumed I was a "Whitley Gilbert"(i.e a mixed black bougie from a well-off family) when they didn't even know where I lived. So far my longest lasting and most trusting best friend is a White Jewish girl who never brought Race in the middle of our frendship.

Those people (black or white) who think I am choosing to stray away from black people I just have to say this: SOME OF US TRIED VERY HARD TO BLEND AND IDENTIFY WITH YOU, BUT MOST OF YOU WERE JUST TO NARROW-MINDED TO GIVE US A CHANCE!!!!!!

Anuinette M.

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