Tune in PBS Tuesday, July 3

I received the following notification on a PBS special profiling a Dominican family. I wonder if they are going to deal honestly with the "race" issue.

Don't miss the broadcast premiere of the P.O.V./Latino Public Broadcasting co-presentation of My American Girls: A Dominican Story this Tuesday, July 3 at 10:00pm (check local listings).

In vivid verité detail, My American Girls: A Dominican Story captures the joys and struggles over a year in the lives of the Ortiz family, first generation immigrants from the Dominican Republic. Both funny and touching, Aaron Matthews' film captures the rewards – and costs – of pursuing the American dream. From hard-working parents who imagine retiring to their rural homeland to fast-tracking American-born daughters caught between their parents' values and their own, the film encompasses the contradictions of contemporary immigrant life.

Want to do more than just tune in?

* Forward this alert to friends and colleagues
* Check out the Talking Back section of the P.O.V. website at http://www.pbs.org/pov//talkingback/index.html to share your thoughts and comments.
* Log on to http://www.pbs.org/pov/pov2001/index.html for more information about My American Girls and related activities.
* Order a cassette of My American Girls for subsequent use in the classroom, community settings and workplaces by calling 1-800-344- 3337 or by visiting www.shopPBS.com/Teachers.


More about the Television Race Initiative

The Television Race Initiative (TRI) is a multi-year effort in which diverse, high-profile television broadcasts create a framework for sustained community dialogue and problem solving around the issue of race relations. In partnership with national and community-based organizations and public television stations, TRI uses storytelling — initially in the form of several public television broadcasts — to 'break the ice' and encourage conversations that lead to constructive action.

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