Letter to Speaker Hastert re: H.R. 2975

October 10, 2001
James Landrith
Letter to Speaker Hastert
Regarding H.R. 2975

October 10, 2001

The Honorable J. Dennis Hastert
U.S. House of Representatives
H-232 U.S. Capitol Building
Washington, DC 20515-6501

Dear Mr. Speaker:

On behalf of The Multiracial Activist, I would like to thank you for your leadership in these trying days following the events of September 11. Congress and the Administration have been working especially hard and are to be applauded for their efforts on behalf of American citizens.

However, in light of recent developments, I urge you not to allow the normal legislative process to be circumvented. It is now time to allow the work of the House Committee on the Judiciary to be considered on the Floor. The Committee's efforts on H.R. 2975 have resulted in many necessary and vital changes to that legislation.

No substitute legislation which affects the lives and liberties of Americans should be rushed through without discussion and a public airing of issues. H.R. 2975, while far from perfect, has addressed many important civil liberties issues neglected by the Senate.

It is time to do the people's work Mr. Speaker. Call for a vote on H.R. 2975. This legislation and the lives of the Americans affected are far too important. The attacks on our nation on September 11 were made by individuals fearful of freedom and open debate. Let's not play into their hands by avoiding debate ourselves.


James A. Landrith, Jr.
Editor & Publisher,
The Multiracial Activist
and The Abolitionist Examiner

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