IWPC Announces “Interracial Family Day” in New Jersey

Interracial Women’s Political Consortium
Press Release – 12 November 2001




Interracial Women’s Political Consortium, a “newly” forming non-partisan think tank comprised of interracial women leaders from across the country, has the immense pleasure in announcing our most historical political feat to date. Honorable James Mc Greevey, (D) former mayor of Woodbridge, the fifth (5th) largest city in the State of New Jersey, answered our proposal, and drafted, sealed and delivered a Proclamation, titled “Interracial Family Day”!

We studied the issues of both parties, republican and democrat, and found that Mayor Jim Mc Greevey best addressed our needs. His solid background as a public servant, strong ties with the multiethnic community, and his full understanding of ‘people of every stripe’, and their varied needs and issues on the question of race made him exceptionally well qualified to handle the challenges that still confront us. He is also married interracially, which had an obvious influence on our final decision to endorse his candidacy for governor of New Jersey.

We hope this will be a new beginning for interracial families, to gain the recognition and support of our local, state and federal elected officials. And, educate and entertain our neighbors about our “living” mosaic families and children. We, at IWPC, understand that this is an unexplored frontier. As women, we are not so formal and rigid in our collective approach on how to work with our public servants, to get things done. Women have traditionally been left out in the cold with respect to this process for decades. Despite the obvious, we learned to proceed down a different path to our joy and success!

Now that we have a constituency, we need to be a significant part of the American political landscape. Let our voices be heard and our votes be counted. It is no surprise, to me, that the true “interracials” greatest wish is to live, worship, work and play, in an America that leads in a race-less society.

For the betterment of humankind,
Valerie A. Wilkins-Godbee

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