IWPC Comments on Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

Interracial Women’s Political Consortium
Press Release – 09 February 2002




INTERRACIAL WOMEN’S POLITICAL CONSORTIUM, a non partisan group of multiethnic women leaders from across America, serving 6.8 million households, would not endorse the junior Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, (D-NY), for President of the U.S., in 2004, should she decide to run for the office. Due, in large part, to what we believe, strongly, that her word should be her honor. To serve her full term. Senator Rodham Clinton’s service to New York State, more than ever, after the greatest terrorist act on U.S. soil, is crucial, and should remain so, uninterrupted. If she should decide to run in the 2008 presidential campaign, we will take another look. However, it will hinder on how well she succeeds in her term as senator. What we and our constituency in New York State have witnessed thus far is not too bad. Although, clearly there is room for improvement. Furthermore, we are hopeful “The Empire State” will get the support from our Congress needed to rebuild this great city!

Warm regards,
The Executive Board

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