The Enemy of My Enemy

The Enemy of My Enemy

James Landrith

by James A. Landrith, Jr.
October/November 2003

An interesting statement regarding the Racial Privacy Initiative has come to my attention:

"It is reasonable to believe that the RPI, if passed, may further the creation of a mixed race Tan Everyman as the norm in society, and may help to further break down taboos that have kept the races from blending into this Tan Everyman. In other words, its effect would be to be a step toward the genocide of distinct races."

The words above are from H. Millard, a white racialist who writes for the disgusting hate publication New Nation News. In an unsurprising development, separatists, hate groups and their disciples are coming out in opposition to Proposition 54. These despicable hatemongers favor continued use of government enforced classification boxes in direct contradiction to the claims made by those slandering supporters of color-neutral government.

It is quite telling to see racialists like Millard and traditional civil rights organizations locking arms and fighting against the abolition of slavery-era racial classification schemes. Interestingly enough, Millard, like many of the proponents of continuing use of racial classifications on the left, has also attacked the very concept of multiracial individuals in his commentary Looney Tunes Whacko Blenders Push Genocide. Since I first founded The Multiracial Activist in 1997, I've heard plenty of rhetoric similar to that spewed by Millard in the previous link from all parts of the political spectrum, some of it emanating from groups listed on the website.

In a further development, Lt Gov Cruz Bustamante – the same Cruz Bustamante who has trouble distinguishing between negro and another word – has been endorsed by Tom Metzger, a murderous felon and rabid white supremacist.

As expected, Metzger also opposes Proposition 54, as indicated below from a Google cache of his website:

"Now that we are swarming with millions of non whites it's the right wing conservatives that want to eliminate our ability to see how fast it's going. Publicizing the Race numbers is one issue that tends to wake up some white people. In fact it awakens lots of Whites. To eliminate such head counting is a subtle way of keeping white people sleeping. Of course we want to know how many termites are in the walls and where they came from. Be extremely careful when listening to conservatives and assuming that they are concerned with the White Race in general."

These developments should cause those opposed to Proposition 54 to take a much needed pause. They need to understand that their cause has been endorsed by the worst of the worst – separatists, hate groups and their disciples. Their ranks have been joined by racialists and racists bent on fostering division, hatred and anger.

Separatists, hate groups and their disciples love the little race boxes and always have. They desparately depend on the psychological baggage that comes with such classification schemes to continue creating recruits to carry on their horrible schemes. It is a crying shame that in 2003, civil liberties groups like the ACLU, Anti-Defamation League, Association of Multi-Ethnic Americans and Japanese American Citizens League have chosen to cast their lot in with the likes of Tom Metzger and H. Millard in preserving slavery era racial classification schemes.

If the hate groups and their disciples WANT the State of California to continue to classifying its citizens by race, then perhaps those opposed to Proposition 54, which would scrap these slavery-era classification boxes need to reexamine their reasons for opposition. As is evidenced by the quotes above from Metzger and Millard, those with hate in their hearts depend on these racial classifications to continue their dirty work. Why help them?

I call on all Californians and ask that they not side with white supremacists like Tom Metzger. Support Proposition 54 and tell Metzger and his ilk that you're not going to make his dirty work easier!

James Landrith is the notorious editor and publisher of The Multiracial Activist and The Abolitionist Examiner, two cyber-rags dedicated to freedom from oppressive racial categorization. Landrith can be reached by email at: or at his personal website/blog.

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