One-Dropping All Over

Apparently some angry one-droppers have taken notice of A Mixed Blog. Can’t please everyone and we aren’t gonna try. The S-Train Canvass will just have to build a bridge and get over it. The “multiracial” movement has been building for years and ain’t going anywhere.

But, strangely enough, S-Train rebukes those who identify as “Creole” claiming its ‘divisive’ and further mocks those who identify as “multiracial” while simultaneously identifying himself as “African-American.” As if that is not just another ‘divisive’ label that separates one human being from another on the basis of skin color. Such is the way of the deluded “racialist” and the one-dropper…

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Update: S-Train has posted an update to his previous posting. In that update, he falsely claims:

Some of these multiracial activists want us all the share the same “everything”. No differences, just sameness. Why is this a goal? Why can’t we get over the problem of negative racial attitudes without resorting to a collective sameness.

And just where and how were we advocating this? I guess I must have slept through that Illuminati session on the forcible creation of one “racial” demographic. Paranoia and hallucinations may be fun for some. I prefer to live in the real world, thank you. What I promote is individuality and control of one’s own self-identity. What S-Train promotes is segregationism, cloaked in the double-speak of cultural preservation and some bizarre devotion to maintaining “racial” differences.

And why do people that call themselves black get the brunt of the multiracial activist’s fire?

I guess he must have been sleeping in class when The Multiracial Activist went apeshit on Bob Jones University, Trent Lott, Robert Byrd, The Council of Conservative Citizens, and Matt Hale – to name a few. Or perhaps he was simply lying in order to make himself look better. Either way, it didn’t work.

What about nationalities?

What about them? You rambling mindlessly, or is there a point in there somewhere?

I may be black but a black person from the Carribbean has a different culture. Should we just blur that? No! No! NO!!!

I believe I’ve just unearthed another collectivist. First off, cultures are fluid. They change over time. Any attempts to preserve them fly in the face of free will and individual rights. People are going to mix cultures. Combine them, borrow and discard from them at will. You can’t stop this without the use of fear or violence, no matter how hard you try. Further, I’m not sure who this fool is attempting to keep from blurring cultures. And exactly how does one prevent cultural blurring? Do we set up walls around these abstractions and put men with guns around these arbitrary constructs in order to keep the cultures separate? How exactly does this nonsense differentiate from classic segregationism? It doesn’t. Give me a break.

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