Vijay Singh and Tiger Woods

Many one-drop rule loving blacks said that Tiger Woods has to be “black” because he “looks black.” Vijay Singh is far darker than Tiger Woods. Why don’t the same blacks claim him as “black”?


  1. What is “Negroid”? Tiger Woods does not look Negroid. Blacks in America claim that anyone who “looks black” is “black.” Well, they are being called on it. Vijay Singh looks blacker than Tiger Woods. Why isn’t he “black”? As for this crap about the magic of sub-Saharan ancestry, the people in NORTH Africa are obviously mulatto. Nearly all of Latin America has “Negroid” ancestry. Why aren’t they ALL “black”? “Black” is simply a form of ethnic rape in which victims are chosen because they are alone and vulnerable.

    8/25/2004 5:52:16 PM

  2. Greco-Roman says:”There’s nothing wrong with having black blood. But there’s definitely something wrong with believing against all evidence that everyone on earth is black or mulatto.”

    I didn’t say that. I said that Vijay Singh’s black skin tone, when compared to the much lighter Tiger Woods, shows the nonsensical nature of racial classifications. It is amazing how people who want to denounce the very white Anatole Broyard as “black” rush to defend the blackest of South Asians, Latinos or Arabs.

    Yes, Mexicans have the dreaded black blood. That is fact. Denying it makes you as ridiculous as those who deny the Holocaust took place.

    9/2/2004 6:15:08 PM

  3. Obviously, “Greco-Roman” defines “black” in a racist, “one drop” way. Anatole Broyard was a white man. Anyone who looks white is white. If you are what others on the street think you are (as some “one drop” supporters insist), then Singh is blacker than Tiger Woods.

    It is generally conceded that calling someone “black” when he or she does not identify as “black” is an insult. Only black ODR supporters and their allies try to confuse the issue when the criminalized sub-Saharan “blood” is involved.

    At “Interracial Voice,” I was constantly assaulted by black ODR supporters who whined “What’s wrong with being black?!” The answer, of course, is that EVERYTHING is wrong with it when you’re NOT “black.”

    Even the most pro-black groups concede that calling someone “black” can be a racist insult. Blond Rashida Jones “black” and the nearly ebony Vijay Singh and Bridget McCain dark “Caucasians”? I’m not buying it. “Racial classification” is a con game designed for fools.

    Bush Supporters Spread Racist Rumors About McCain’s Daughter. Bush supporters in South Carolina made race-baiting phone calls saying that McCain had a “black child.” The McCains’ daughter, Bridget, was adopted from Mother Teresa’s orphanage in Bangladesh. In August 2000, columnist Maureen Dowd wrote that the McCains “are still seething about Bush supporters in South Carolina spreading word of their dark-skinned adopted daughter.” [Time, 3/6/00; Boston Globe, 3/4/00; Dowd column, New York Times, 8/9/00]

    Picture of Bridget McCain

    9/3/2004 6:37:41 PM

  4. Greco-Roman needs a course in reading comprehension. I have written articles against the “one drop” myth for years, defending victims of racial kidnapping by blacks.
    Vijay Singh is blacker than Tiger Woods. That is one more proof that the whole racial classification system is a con game designed to deceive fools.

    9/7/2004 8:14:46 PM

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