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A group of “multiracial” organizations and publishers, including The Multiracial Activist, have sent a second letter to the University of California Board of Regents in support of RE-52, calling for the creation of a “multiracial” classification. The Multiracial Activist notes that the “multiracial” community is not now, nor has it ever been, a monolith of conformity. As such, some “multiracial” organizations are opposed to this category. Division is this community is nothing new, nor is it a bad thing. Collectivism and lock-step agreement have traditionally been the first steps towards tyranny and persecution of those whose viewpoints are in the minority. The signatories of this letter foster no ill will towards those opposed to our stance and sincerely hope the sentiments will be reciprocated. There is absolutely no justification for some of the vitriolic responses that have sometimes been visited upon those who dissent from the so-called “official” view.

Our letter is available here.

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Update: Those wishing to listen to the Board of Regents debate this issue can do so by clicking here (requires RealPlayer).

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