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Mixed Media Watch said:

“I guess you wouldn’t be happy either, if you proposed something and the only supporter was YOU, yourself!? Check out the plethora of articles out today about the multi-racial check box getting shut DOWN at yesterday’s UC Regents meeting.”

Is this opposition to the category at work here, or simple hostility towards the man? The caption seems a little over the top. For the record, there was support for this category, but not among the groups who have always opposed allowing “multiracial” self-identification. Previous off-record discussions of this classification focused on the fear of a loss in federal dollars by not endorsing the current de facto one-drop rule known as “check all that apply” (but pretend we aren’t going to count you as ONE “race” only). Prior to the NAACP getting involved, this proposal had enjoyed the support of a majority of the Regents.


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