Interracial marriage blossoms in Malaysia

Interracial marriage blossoms in Malaysia
The Christian Science Monitor
By Michael Switow

About 100 yards from the headquarters of Gunung Mulu National Park – a rain forest preserve famous for huge caves, massive bat colonies, and jungle trekking – the park receptionist spots me walking toward the building.

She takes one look at the black pig grease on my face – smeared over my eyes, across my cheeks, all over the forehead, on my nose, and even the ears – and then doubles over with laughter.

She doesn’t have to ask. It’s obvious: I have been to a village wedding, the marriage between Freda Ugum, a woman of the Melanau ethnic group who is in her mid-20s, and Kuah Hock Jun, a 30-something Chinese groom.

An interesting story, which brings forward a few thoughts. Experience tells me that there are plenty of kneejerk “multi-culturalist” trust-fund babies and professional students who will view this increase in “interracial” marriage with much hand-wringing and five thousand word diatribes about preserving “cultural integrity” and other dishonest “racialist” attempts at thwarting the free-will of others under the guise of being the “protector” (read: “great white protector”) of all the world’s minority populations from the evil West.

Forgive me for rambling, but twelve years of “interracial” marriage and hearing this crap from the Left, Right and la-la land has left me a bit less than tolerant of those who seek to thwart “interracial” marriage in the name of “cultural integrity.” Wait for it – it is coming. It always does…

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  1. I read a lot of blogs from Malaysia and I can say they are all good friends of mine. Did you know they actually have a national holiday in celebration of diversity?

    2/8/2005 10:52:06 PM

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