What’s Up With Dark Men?

What’s Up With Dark Men?
By David Yeagley
February 26, 2002

WHITE WOMEN ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, desirable creatures on earth, judging from the way dark men crave them.

A black man loves white women, said Eldridge Cleaver, in Soul On Ice (1968) “Ain’t nothing more beautiful than a white woman’s hair being blown in the wind.”

But a black woman’s hair doesn’t blow in the wind. She only wishes it would.

Black scholar Noliwe Rooks, in Hair Raising (1996), says ever since black women were brought to America, they’ve been trying to look “white.” They try to change their appearance through skin whiteners, hair straighteners, and even bright blond hair dyes.


  1. “Black males are scrutinized in everyfacet of life. That is the reality. It’s not fair. But it’s

    You’re both correct and incorrect in this statement Michael. Yes, black males are scrutinized in every facet of life and no it’s not fair. However so are black women. To widen the scope further, ALL men and ALL women are scrutinized in every facet of life. Sometimes it’s fair (as in sizing up whether or not this person is one you want to mate with based on education, intelligence or even work ethic) and sometimes it’s not fair (as in making unfair assumptions based solely on the physical).

    “Some African American men are the most “Racist” men in the world they date woman ONLY because of skin color,and that is “Very Racist” Yet these same men cry out loud when they get nasty looks and bad attitude from both whites and blacks.”

    I agree with everything Mondez said but especially this sentiment. My brother, though we’re of mixed race he sees himself I think as black only, does this exact thing. My best friend is a black woman dating a white man and my brother made snide comments about that yet all he himself dates are white women. What a hypocrite, right? Of course when I pointed this out to him, I was accused of being racist. Great, I’ve been transported to bizarro world.

    8/31/2005 1:14:01 AM

  2. It’s interesting to me what Aspasia said about the whole Blackwmen Whiteo man thing. When the guy that had been dating White
    women his whole life made snide comments about it, like dark
    skin Black women or Black women in general are suppose to sit
    around waiting for Black men to show them some attention when
    they can get love of another source. Black men through history
    have always craved very other race and only light skin was with-
    in their own, and get mad when the dark skin sistas goes where
    she is appreciated for her beauty which is too the White man. I
    think that in society as a whole we knew to stop believing
    what the media says is beautiful, which is long blond hair, blue
    eyes, and stick skinny bodies or anything that’s close to that.
    Those looks can be beautiful of course but it’s not the only
    kind of beauty. I’ve seen women who were dark as night, that were
    gorgeous and they didn’t have a perm either. There is so many
    different types of beauty in the world but most of it which we
    fail to see comes from within.

    9/1/2005 21:55

  3. Thier are many beautiful black women. But you do not really get to see them.Just think when you turn on the tv if you see a black woman she is more then
    likly light skinned. I’m a very light skinned sister and I do have long hair
    with blond hair and blue eyes. That is very rare I known. But it’s true. I get
    tired of sister thinking that I think I’m better then them when that is not true
    at all. Why can’t a dark skinned sister with short hair think that? If you do
    your reseach you will see that back in the day all men wanted a black lady. Like
    Cleopatra was very dark skinned and all these guys wanting her, but they don’t
    tell people this.

    I’m half-white but when someone ask me what I am I say I’m black. So don’t let
    the blue eyes and blond hair fool you. I known for a fact that deep down white
    women want to look like black women. They want the lips, hair, color to skin
    skin. You can tell I see things on tv saying buy this and you’ll get 33% bigger
    lips, then they sell things to tan your skin, then they say buy this for thicker
    hair. Open your eyes. I’m not saying that white women are not looking, but we
    just need to see that black women our just as good looking as white women.

    I have one more thing to say about this racist thing black people can not be
    racist. Now before you start saying things just listen out here, you see to be
    racist one must have power and black people do not have power at all. White have
    the power over this country. If you don’t belive me look it up.

  4. Most of you made very good points, but I have to say a few words to Jasmine. Dear, if you really are a blond blue-eyed black girl which I find difficult to believe, it’s your “white” blood that helped you look that way. So before you put down white women, consider that…

    You say “I know for a fact that deep down white women want to look like black women…they want the lips, the hair, etc.” Reality check. Maybe this is true for people with identity problems, but you know what? Majority of white women DON’T want to be black. That isn’t a prejudiced or racist comment, it is the truth. White women have a different type of beauty from that of black women. Not better, simply very different.

    I’m white & I’m perfectly happy with my hair, body shape, & skin color . I know that some white girls copy certain Afrocentric hairstyles like cornrows & dreadlocks & twists, but I doubt that most white women would actually desire to have all the features (especially the hair) of a Black woman. Black women have their own ways of being beautiful, and so do we as White women. If anything, I’d say that Black women very often attempt to emulate White women’s features…not because they hate themselves or being Black, but because society deems white or not-very-dark women more attractive. I’ve seen Black girls wear these long silky weaves & lighten their hair to blond. Some of them bleach their skin & wear blue, hazel, and light brown contacts. Isn’t that wanting to be White or at least take on some physical traits of a White woman?

    My 6-year-old daughter happens to be mixed, too. She has these round, pool-blue eyes, snowy skin, & silky-straight brown hair. Her features are very delicate. Most mixed children, however light they might be, still have some discernible Black traits about them. Heather doesn’t because I’m White and her father happens to be a highly mixed person with very light coloring. Black genes are often dominant when it comes to offspring between a male & female of different racial background. I’m not putting you down but perhaps you should really think about this. Furthermore, blacks can be every bit as racist & bigoted as whites. The only difference is that white-on-black racism is more widely talked about & covered in the media. You speak as one who has authority and all the “facts” on these subjects but you’re misinformed about many, many things. All races of women have their own types of beauty & ANYONE can be racist, no matter what color.

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