Racial Radicalism: Color Division within the Mixed Community

I recently wrote an article warning the Mixed community against prejudice against white skinned members of our mixed race, like my daughter a quadroon who very often isn’t recognized as being mixed by the mixed community. I hadn’t yet experienced Racial Radicalism from our own people, who look like my daughter are white skinned quadroons.

I’ve experienced discrimination from both whites and blacks and never would’ve dreamed that my own community would discriminate against me based upon skin color until recently. I learned that there are a few Racial Radicals who are dropping mixed raced people (without a white appearance) into the category of black, as not being ‘mixed enough’ or ‘light enough’ to be considered mixed race!!! I was in shock to find that there are amongst us those who viewed a person of biracial appearance as black because their skin color is not white or very light, as if that were the only color we come in.

Since when did white appearance become the typical characteristics of what a mixed race person is SUPPOSED to look like? Why would a group of Racial Radicals try to belittle their own people based upon the color of their skin? Why can’t we appreciate the beauty of our people with our various hues?

My daughter is white skinned, blond haired, blue eyed and proud of her mixed race heritage but there are people who think that her appearance puts her on top of the Mixed Racial Chain and that my mixed appearance does not ‘qualify’ as ‘mixedness’. WRONG!!!! Also amongst these Racial Radicals, I discovered that because I tan and change from light to brown, I wasn’t ‘mixed enough’ according to their standards, because for them a true mixed person, does not tan at all. Well my Quadroon daughter tans, does that now mean that she must be kicked out of the Quadroon hierarchy when she tans in the summer to a golden brown on her arms and legs???

So now I have seen it all and have had the distinct pleasure of not only being discriminated against for being too white for blacks, too black for whites and now not mixed enough in appearance for these Racial Radicals. And so the question is, what is a person of Mixed Appearance???

Well, we do have phenotypes, don’t we? The basic “mixed appearance’,(mostly) is a person of black and white features from light to medium brown skin with (mostly) straight to curly hair who are the ‘Noticeable’ mixed people. The other two groups of Mixed People are those of white or black appearance. Those of white appearance are those who have more noticeable white features, hair and skin color. Those of black appearance are those who have more noticeable black features, hair and skin color. These are obviously very broad categories.

We as Mixed people come in every hue created but there is a serious problem when we are divided based upon color and blood quantum. I do not want my daughter raised to believe that she is better than her darker skinned mixed brother. And as a proud non-white skinned MIXED person, I think we need to be aware of this dangerous racial division that is creeping into our own community.

Historically, many mixed people created their own communities either in isolation of other groups or within larger cities in which they became the societal elites, but in this day and age there is no reason for our people to be isolated or to have an elitist attitude against eachother. A Quadroon/Octoroon is no more ‘mixed’ than a light to brown to black skinned multiracial. We are all the same people and we must unite and stand against racialism within our own people.

We need to celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of our own people and not to separate even further into sub-categories based upon skin tone.


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