Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Exposure. Yay me.

March 8, 2006
The Multiracial Activist 
From the Editor:

Media mention of yours truly in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Racial identities spawn new terminology: Are you Melungeon, Nuyorican or what?

Its not a bad piece, and better than most on the topic. Far too often when this subject is covered, the naysayers and "stay in one box" types from the traditional civil rights groups get the final say and fugging big giant gargantuan quotes. But there's no bias there…

A fuller listing of shameless self-promotion media coverage is available here.

Yes, I am vain, but ya'll already knew that. Stop pretending.

Anyway, information on the term "melungeon" mentioned in the article can be found here and here. To clarify, I told the reporter I was "very likely Melungeon" from one branch of my ancestry. Not a big deal, but a distinction none the less. For now, I identify as James and refuse to check any of the boxes.

Rob Carr of UnSpace blogged it here.

Until there are no more stupid little boxes

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