Does biracial mean black or white?

Does biracial mean black or white?

Parents refuse to complete forms that do not include their daughter's mixed-race heritage
By Art McFarland

If you are biracial, are you black or white? The parents of a five-year-old from Staten Island are being asked to make that decision and they don't like having to make a choice.

Eyewitness News education reporter Art Mcfarland has more live from Rosebank.

The school community at P.S. 13 is confronted by the determination of whether or not race should be considered in evaluating the performance of a student or a school. This is especially true of that biracial couple. They have been ordered to complete official forms that do not take into account their daughter's mixed-race heritage.

Ada Carr, Student: "My mommy is pink and my daddy is brown."

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