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August 16, 2006
The Multiracial Activist 
From the Editor:

About three or so years ago I became one of the editors at DMOZ's Open Directory Project and I took over the Multiracial category in the Society section.

When I started on that page, there were only a few out-dated links and one page. I added several new subcategories (Celebrities, Chats and Forums, Genealogy, News and Media, Organizations, Personal Pages and Weblogs) and hundreds of links with more sub-subcategories. The Open Directory Project's listing are mirrored on hundreds, if not thousands, of pages world-wide.

One link can go a long way.

Since then, my time has grown increasingly scarce. Tonight, I attempted to login in for the first time in months – only to find my login deactivated due to inactivity. I can understand that policy and am actually a little relieved.

I could apply for reinstatement and see no reason why I would not be granted such an application. However, I do not wish to continue on this worthy project. My time is too limited with attempting to restore The Multiracial Activist to its former glory, classes, work and family. The time has come to pass the DMOZ baton. The infrastructure is there and the hardest work completed.

I humbly ask that a responsible and knowledgable reader or associate take my place on all or some of the pages in the Multiracial section at the Open Directory Project.

To apply for editing privileges, simply click on "Volunteer to edit this category" at the bottom of the category page you wish to take over editing responsibilities. If you choose the Multiracial root category, you will be able to edit all the subcategories as well. If you prefer only to edit a particular section, simply navigate to that page and the click on "Volunteer to edit this category."

Thank you – and I hope one or several readers have the time and inclination to pick up where I am leaving off.

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