Nice Try Rachel, But You Were Wrong

September 24, 2006
The Multiracial Activist 
From the Editor:

I was unaware that I had my own "wing" of the multiracial movement.  According to Rachel of Rachel's Tavern ( in a comment at Mixed Media Watch, I do. Here: ( )


Funny thing, I've always gotten along with Jen and Carmen and have communicated with both of them privately and publicly.

Perhaps Rachel didn't know that when she attempted to play us against each other in her comments at the link above.  Rachel's approach is similar to the "with us or against us" approach favored by the neo-conservatives running the government at present. I have great respect for Swirl and Mixed Media Watch (  I don't always agree 100% with their take on a given topic, but I've never felt antagonistic or as if we are separate "wings." 

We agree far more than we disagree. People really need to stop trying to force their own agendas on others without doing their homework first.

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