Fundraising for Multiracial Documentary

Earnest Harris <>

Hi. We are a feature film production company, latest film "A Simple Promise" can be checked out on and is due out later this year, and one of the next projects we are purusing is a documentary on the whole "mixed race" and racial cassification system we have in our society. We came across your site in our research and thought you might be able to be of help in our fundraising efforts to get those project off the ground. We are seeking financial backers who have an interest in seeing this project brought to the screen or television. Not necessarily yourself, but we wanted to see if you know of individuals or organizations we can get in touch with regarding this project and who we can get information to. We look forward to whatever you can do to help us see this project become a reality. We think this is a documentary whose time has come and that could go a long ways towards getting our society beyond its outdated notions of race. Thanks.

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