Racial Divisiveness Convenient Ploy to Mask Larger Health Issue

Racial Divisiveness Convenient Ploy to Mask Larger Health Issue

It’s About Love Deficiency

April/May 2007 – The Abolitionist Examiner

by Adam Abraham

Adam AbrahamAn ABC News Health story trumpets, “Blacks Continue to Lose the Health Care Battle”. The study was conducted by researchers at Harvard and Brown Universities, and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Its ostensive intention was to show a need to continue collecting racial data for the purposes of policing equality of treatment. Sounds like a good idea, right?


Its real effect is to maintain divisiveness, keeping both blacks and whites thinking that a “fight” is still needed (or will occur), with one group on the offensive, and the other on the defensive. It passively and insidiously portrays blacks as continued “losers” in the game of being American. None of these postulates are true. The only thing this really accomplishes is to maintain the status quo.

In this case, the status quo is the maintenance of group differentiation and stratification, and a degree of “at length-ism”, which dissuades our willingness to identify with others. Mass messages like these also tend to keep the government, and their agents as middlemen, intermediaries, judges, and referees to protect us from each other.

Insinuating that “unequal treatment” is evidence of latent racial discrimination by the system against one group of people in the study totally ignores that actual human experience is not comparative. Each patient received a level of care and service that turned out to be normal and customary for that patient. Systems will only be as responsive as the individuals who interact with the components, require the system to be. The level of requirement is not achieved by demand, but by simple interaction. The black patients did not necessarily have universally negative or substandard experiences. The report doesn’t even suggest this. Their data were simply compared against the data of the white patients, and a conclusion was made that had nothing to do with each individual’s experience. When individuals seek more from the system, the system will give more.

The researchers’ findings don’t mean that the system would not have given the blacks more, should they have requested it. 150 years ago it would have been true, but not today. Yet, the system was indicted in order to rationalize a desire to justify collecting racial data.

This is not a conspiracy of discrimination against blacks by the system any more than it is a conspiracy by blacks to require less of the system. They did not get together and say, “let’s out this system as discriminatory.” They were simply trying to get well, a concept that the health care the system is getting further away from. Keeping more racial records do nothing to address the most important issue: that all of the patients return to health.

According to the news story, the Harvard/Brown researchers analyzed various health factors, including blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels in over 300,000 black and white people, enrolled in 151 medical plans, in 38 states. Each of these 300,000 people, which is only a small sampling of the entire population that are on medical plans, had either diabetes or high blood pressure, or cardiac problems, such as heart attack or stroke. Do you think any of them really care whether they were getting more or less attention than another racial group?

If they were all one racial group, you would have been able to find clear distinctions and differences in service if that is what you were looking for. The most important issue would have remained getting them back to health. We have to ask ourselves why people from such prestigious institutions of higher learning are spending so much time justifying a polarizing political position, and not helping people understand and reclaim their power to heal.

The main thrust of the researchers was managing, or controlling their disease, not curing them. This appears to be the main focus of our health care system today. It has moved away from healing, to dealing. Drugs are now the primary response to human ailments, which they deal with growing impunity.

From migraines to aches and pain; from heart disease to respiratory conditions and more, we have grown accustomed to trusting pills and chemicals, and not Mother Nature. Our vaunted institutions, academic (medical schools), private sector (pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and insurance companies), and government (FDA, CDC, FTC), all work in unison to maintain toxic dependency by manufacturing reasons to be fearful, divided, and indignant. Health and healing then become non-issues while they raise billions of dollars to find “cures” using components that employ toxins, when simple nutrition and awareness would be more effective.

Instead of helping patients get over our disease by building up the body nutritionally and through exercise, doctors today no longer show any confidence in curing disease. Instead they show hope in finding cures. This approach also maintains the status quo.

The drugs that they routinely deal out cannot cure. Critical components that our body was designed to use, magnesium being a major example today, are no longer being delivered into our systems in adequate supply through normal dietary intake. This is a fact that is not yet reflected in today’s health care protocols.

Yet, the major media tends to be mute about it, since many of these companies are either stock holders or advertisers. They wouldn’t want to offend the companies that pay the bills and maintain lifestyles for a few at the expense of millions, even though they produce nutrition-depleted food.

Nor would we want to stop our pattern of fighting disease by being inoculated with toxins that lower our immunity. It has all become very big business, and our health is not really that important, if we can manage to live with disease.

It is far more important for these 300,000 people to be well, than to manage their disease, or fight over who is having a cushier time being sick.

It is also more important for black people to know that they are not victims, and to stop being the convenient poster people for researchers who want to make names for themselves and get more grants so that they can pay their bills.

It is important that we all begin understanding that the human body has remarkable recuperative abilities if we will simply give it what it needs. The first item is not a pill. It is love.

Disease is, first and foremost, evidence of a love deficiency. And… it’s not about what we’re not receiving; it’s about what we’re not giving. If we are not giving love, then we will be love deficient. Love deficiency will affect the amount of energy that flows through us. With energy is power, and with power comes health. A love deficient state also creates a vacuum of positive imagination, creativity, which leaves room for victim beliefs and toxic thoughts. It creates an electromagnetic field that then draws “appropriately reflective” people and experiences to us. All of this can be changed, once we embrace this intangible, but very real power.

There is no shortage of love; but there is a shortage in love giving. And while I refer to love that we give to others, we must, first and foremost, apply this critical expression to ourselves.

There was no love in the ABC Health News story. If anything, the reader was left with a sense of trepidation, caution, and the need to be “on guard.” The simple word for that is fear. The researchers are lobbying for further racial data collecting, believing, or at least professing to believe, that this will ameliorate disparities, when their real mandate should be to help those who are ill, return to health.

We can’t return to health until we return to unconditional love and acceptance, for self, our fellow human travelers, embracing love both in the moment, and in the future that we’re creating. Many people are afraid of love; of giving or receiving it. They are fearful of the future that they foresee. Many believe that they are vulnerable. This is evidence that we don’t know who we are, nor appreciate our birthright.

We don’t understand the power of the human spirit, which is not born of the flesh that we express ourselves through, but a different form of energy. This One Energy empowers every human being of every shade, size, gender, and ethnic background.

As medical health systems, nation, or society, our focus should not be on maintaining divisive practices and fear, but in realizing and exercising the power that lives within each and every one of us.

We cannot know why an individual chooses to experience illness. Some will swear that no one would choose to be sick. But far too many accept it without questioning or challenging, peoples whose health can be restored, if they knew it. Our media is not telling; doctors cannot tell because mainstream physicians are not trained to use, understand, or believe in natural healing modalities that are not expensive, proprietary, or toxic. This does not change the fact that diseases can be, and are being cured, because people have challenged their illness, become aware, and changed their toxic ways, are experiencing improvements to their life every day. Their path to health and healing involves the removal of poisons (detoxification), nutritional restoration and replenishment, a cleansing of toxic thinking patterns, embracing a passionate dream, and “a whole lotta love,” both giving and accepting.

Adam Abraham is author of I Am My Body, NOT! and publisher of the new title, Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, by Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD (Phaelos Books)

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