Growing up biracial

Hi, I just discovered this website and I find it very interesting to write and read with others who experiecned the same life situations as I have being biracial. It is also beneficial to read new stories in order to get some food for thought from others. I myself grew up in a multicultural household and the understanding of who you are is very important and I was deprived of that in my childhood, I found out through ignorance and not knowing any responses made situations difficult at times. I am Jamaican and Pennsylvania Dutch and I started to learn the differences as a teenager. As I became a man it got much easier to deal with like it may be for many others and I've learn the more you learn about this topic the better off you are. When I attended college I bought a book titled "The Color of Water" (A Black Man's Tribute to His White Mother by James McBride). I found this book very interesting and I would recomend it to any Black/White mixed person. As I continued to read more on these blogs I hope others will find useful info with the blogs I'll being sending.  PEACE

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