Mentioned by DNC (again)

I wanted to comment on this as it will be mentioned over and over again by the Democratic National Committee (as it was 4 years ago and in elections prior).

In 1998, I contacted Bob Jones University regarding their anti-miscegenationist dating/marriage policy.  I received a letter from BJU, which I promptly posted online here:

Then, being the agitator I am, I decided to test their policy and applied for admission – with no intention of attending.  Their online application actually asked for both the race of a student AND spouse.  I dutifully filled in such data, as the experiment would not work if I didn't.  I received the following response:

After posting this online, it was picked up by NPR, LA Times, several wire services and was mentioned in a dozen or so books – and even in testimony by Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (

As has been the case in the past, the rotten affair is renewed with each election cycle:


While I don't endorse the sabre-rattling, can't make a decent retraction of her prior support for big-ass wars Senator from New York, I won't be losing sleep if the Freshmen Senator from Illinois wins the nomination. 

I granted Vice President Gore's campaign permission to use the letters and my name in their PR during his campaign against Gov. Bush, and eventually the DNC started to do so as well – which is fine.  But, my permission to use said materials does not constitute an endorsement of certain people either.  It is merely factual – and this issue has no legs if idiots like Romney stop kissing the ring at BJU.  Further, as an agnostic heathen and long-time nonconformist, and in the interest of full disclosure – I had zero intention of attending BJU.  I did, however, intend to cause mischief and create awareness.

Mischief managed.

P.S. – I spelled it out in greater detail in 2004.  See: 

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