A Dirty Dog

I was interviewed on Tuesday by a National Enquirer reporter for the print version of their expose on Duane "Dog" Chapman's racist rant.

The reporter played two tapes for me that appeared to have been made on different occasions.

The short of it: Chapman ordered his son to break it off with his girlfriend for fear she would hear him or other family members uttering racial slurs in casual conversation. He dangles loss of the son’s job in the family business and his home as consequences for continuing the relationship.  Chapman claims his use of such slurs are not meant to be hurtful or racist and deployed the old “we just talk like that” defense.  Later he uses the same terminology to describe his son’s girlfriend.

I wanted to vomit afterward.

Kudos to A&E for moving quickly to suspend further production of the show pending their own internal investigation.  They have a business to run and an image to maintain and as a libertarian, I respect their property rights to do so.  A&E has a right to disassociate themselves with anyone who hurts their business or tarnishes their reputation.  Apparently, a bunch of conservatives who do not understand the concept of free speech feel differently.

Following the breaking of this story, I've been reading some of the forum and blog reactions to the Dirty Dog scandal.  Wow!  I'm shocked at all of the people who have confused "Freedom of Speech" with "Freedom from Criticism" and "Freedom from Consequences."  For those who still don't get it, I'll spell it out plainly and simply for those who are genuinely confused or simply pretending because they agree with the man's racist views:

The right to hold and express an opinion is not being suppressed when others criticize or disassociate. You can say what you want, but you cannot force others to subsidize said expression or provide you a forum in which to express your views.

Yes, Dog has a right to free expression and to be a racist ass-clown.

And A&E has a right to decide not to provide him access to their platform.

Those willfully confusing the two need to drop the emotion and hero-worship of the man and start grasping these simple, basic concepts.

You want to use filthy, racist language?  Fine.  Just stop your sobbing when the good people around you distance themselves or vomit uncontrollably.

Does that cover it foks?  Good.  Now cut it out and start acting like big boys and big girls.

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