Special Alert 27: California Residents Urged to Act to Protect Identity Rights

Most NSA Abuses Are Self-Reported

The Multiracial Activist Newsletter Special Alert 27 – September 4, 2015 The Multiracial Activist Newsletter is an informational digest of news, events, new websites and other information of interest to the multiracial and interracial community. Published irregularly, with special alerts as… Continue Reading


Sorry, But Racism Is Actually About People (or Cloth Cannot Be Victimized)

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I marvel at the simple-minded idiocy that equates disliking a flag associated with a perverse system of racial intimidation, hatred, oppression and subjugation with being some kind of bizarro-world reverse-racism against white people. Apparently, caring about people over the morally bankrupt symbology… Continue Reading


TMA Founder’s Statement on Loving Day 2015

The Multiracial Activist Statement on Loving Day June 12, 2015 Dear Readers, On this day in 1967, the Supreme Court unambiguously invalidated all of the remaining state and local laws against miscegenation in the U.S. due to a case brought… Continue Reading