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articles.jpg The Multiracial Activist suggests the books enclosed in this category on multiracial and interracial topics. A book's listing on this page does not denote an endorsement of the content. This list is provided merely as a service to The Multiracial Activist's readers. Your purchase keeps The Multiracial Activist on the web! Thank you!

More books will be added all the time. Feel free to make suggestions to: Suggest a Book.
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Date Item Title Author Hits
Friday, 31 December 1999 Deconstructing "Race" Administrator 8627
Tuesday, 15 April 1997 Biracial/Multiracial Books for Young Readers and Teens Administrator 13538
Tuesday, 15 April 1997 Race Relations and Intercultural Identity Politics Administrator 7804
Tuesday, 15 April 1997 Poetry Administrator 7776
Tuesday, 15 April 1997 Melungeons Administrator 7905
Tuesday, 15 April 1997 Libertarian/Objectivist Philosophy Administrator 8108
Tuesday, 15 April 1997 Interracial/Intercultural Families and Relationships Administrator 12054
Tuesday, 15 April 1997 Autobiograhy, Biography and Historical Administrator 8886
Tuesday, 15 April 1997 Hate Groups Administrator 9801
Tuesday, 15 April 1997 Geneology Administrator 7411
Tuesday, 15 April 1997 Interracial/Mixed-Race Fiction Administrator 16178
Tuesday, 15 April 1997 Bob Jones University Administrator 7727
Tuesday, 15 April 1997 Biracial/Multiracial Politics Administrator 7785
Tuesday, 15 April 1997 The Biracial/Multiracial Experience Administrator 10286
Tuesday, 15 April 1997 Affirmative Action and Diversity Administrator 8050
Tuesday, 15 April 1997 Intercultural and Transracial Adoption Administrator 8777
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