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TAE Articles and Commentary
articles.jpg The Abolitionist Examiner (TAE) is a sister publication to The Multiracial Activist. Every other month, TAE explores concepts promoting freedom from prominent forms of group-think, focusing primarily on (but not exclusively) "racial identity" and "racial group-think" through commentary and/or direct action. This publication's mission is to promote the belief that "race" is no longer a valid or necessary identifier and continued dependence on and allegiance to "race-based" identities only serve to suppress individuality and promote stereotypes. It's time to break the chains of our various forms of group-think. Liberation without, must begin with liberation within. This publication is dedicated to the memories of those who started this journey, in particular, Frederick Douglass and William Lloyd Garrison. The Abolitionist Examiner is registered with the Library of Congress, Washington, DC - ISSN: 1552-2881.

  • TAE Commentary and Articles  ( 105 items )

    This section contains articles and commentary on the topic of group-think, with a special emphasis on racialism and racial herd mentality. Featured writers include Adam Abraham, Ward Connerly, Wendy McElroy, and Yehudi Webster, among others.

  • TAE Editorials by James Landrith  ( 10 items )

    This section contains editorials by's founder, publisher and editor.

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