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Multiracial Group Views Change to Census as a Victory PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Hapa Issues Forum   
Tuesday, 08 July 1997

Hapa Issues Forum
Press Release - 08 July 1997


JULY 8, 1997

CONTACT: Eric Tate (415) 813-5791 or
Greg Mayeda (703) 521-1900
c/o the Sheraton Hotel, Arlington, VA


IN THE YEAR 2000, MIXED RACE PEOPLE WILL FINALLY BE ABLE TO ANSWER THE CENSUS TRUTHFULLY AND ACCURATELY. Today, the Government took an important step forward in challenging America's rigid notion of race.

America is a melting pot. Allowing mixed race people to "check one or more" on the Census will allow us to keep track of the diverse ingredients that make America unique.

A "Check One Or More" Model Is Better Than A Stand Alone "Multiracial" Box Greg Mayeda, a member of Hapa Issues Forum's Board of Directors says:

    A separate Multiracial Box does not allow a person who identifies as mixed race the opportunity to be counted accurately. After all, we are not just mixed race. We are representatives of all racial groups and should be counted as such. A stand alone Multiracial Box reveals very little about the person checking it.

If the data is processed correctly, a "Check One Or More" method will not have an adverse impact on important Civil Rights policies that protect mixed race people as well as their mono-racial relatives.

About Hapa Issues Forum Hapa Issues Forum is a non profit organization that addresses mixed race issues in the Asian American community. It currently has Chapters in Berkeley and Los Angeles. Visit our home page for more information.

Mr. Mayeda will be attending the Census 2000 meeting sponsored by the OMB at the Doubletree Hotel in Arlington, Virginia on July 10th and 11th.

Greg Mayeda
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"If people cannot call themselves what they want . . . they cannot call themselves truly free." Clarance Page on Mixed Race People. 5/1/97 PBS Newshour w/ Jim Lerher

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