your article on identity

From: Cathy


My name is Cathy. I read your article and, as a child of a white parent and a black parent, agree with your ideas. I think it is healthy to tell the child the facts, no matter what they look like. They are of African and European descent, and should know that and shouldn’t hide it. I am confused by people to be many different things, so i don’t think that your child will definately be viewed as black in this world. I have been questioned about my race, and i tell them what i am with pride. They can believe it, like it, or whatever. I don’t care!!! as a child i was called black by everyone, when multiracial and biracial people were pretty scarce and not recognized. But today, things are different, an i am now recognized as both races. I do know that i am not in the “majority”, and my experiences with racism make me the “minority”, But i don’t whine about it, but cherish my uniqueness. I think it is healthy to feel self-acceptance for all you are.

Hope my opinion gives you some more perspective.


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