Hate Mail

And by the way, you said “love sees no color.” Sorry to burst your bubble, but love is what you make of it. So it sees whatever the eye of the beholder chooses it to see. Geesh, if you would stop with the lying and ignorant perceptions, then we could probably solve some of the problems today. Surely, being ignorant of something as simple as love will not increase the awareness that we need for the future respect.

However, “love sees no color” sounds good, just as “I love all people” sounds good. But that is about it. It sounds good. Understand what you are dealing with before talking. Moreover, WHY ARE YOU ALL ON THE BLACK NETWORK? I don’t think it is our job to promote you all; nothing against you. But I think this space could be used for our community. I don’t see you all on white networks. I’m getting rather tired of the usury.

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