ISSUES – Affirmative Action, Diversity & Multiculturalism


ISSUES – Affirmative Action, Diversity & Multiculturalism


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Off the Beat: All’s Well That Ends Well
by Jennifer Christian (The Daily Californian) (December 10, 2004)

Connerly to step down as regent
by Matt Krupnick (Contra Costa Times)

(December 9, 2004)

Cotas na Universidade: achatamento e luta de classes

(August 31, 2004)

The Decline of Affirmative Action
by Wendy McElroy (The Abolitionist Examiner)

(July/August 2004)

True Equality: The Unifying ‘Field’ That Trumps Race
by Adam Abraham (The Abolitionist Examiner)

(May/June 2004)

On ‘Birthing’ Equal Perception
by Adam Abraham (The Abolitionist Examiner)

(May/June 2004)

Consistently Aggravating
by James A. Landrith, Jr. (The Abolitionist Examiner)

(May/June 2004)

Frist Priority: Medical Affirmative Action
by Steve Sailer (VDare)

(April 25, 2004)

Diversity’s False Solace
by Walter Benn Michaels (The New York Times)

(April 11, 2004)

The Conservative Cookie Rebellion
by Wendy McElroy (The Abolitionist Examiner)

(February/March 2004)

Where’s The Love? The Bitter ‘Voice’ of Today’s Affirmative Action Proponents
by Adam Abraham (The Abolitionist Examiner)

(February/March 2004)

The ‘Life Dividends’ of Equality and Excellence: Finding Reasons to Set ‘Differential Prejudices’ Aside
by Adam Abraham (The Multiracial Activist)

(November/December 2003)

Critical Mass of Minorities on Campus: The case of Julian Abele
by Chett (The Abolitionist Examiner)

(October/November 2003)

Are calculus professors racist?: The consequences of Affirmative Action
by Chett (The Abolitionist Examiner)

(October/November 2003)

Michigan GOP says: ‘Colorblind = Division, not Unity’
by Chett (The Abolitionist Examiner)

(August/September 2003)

Voters may decide affirmative action: Activist Connerly to launch Mich. initiative to put U-M policies on ballot in Nov. 2004.
by Joel Kurth (The Detroit News)

(July 3, 2003)

Vote ahead on race issues? California critics of affirmative action are organizing a campaign to put initiative on Michigan ballot in November 2004
by Liz Cobbs (The Ann Arbor News)

(July 1, 2003)

Student Sues for Admission to Schools for Hawaiians
by Adam Liptak (The New York Times)

(June 29, 2003)

The Worst Day in Civil Rights History
by John H. McWhorter (Frontpage Magazine)

(June 24, 2003)

Justices Back Use of Race for College Admissions
by Linda Greenhouse (The New York Times)

(June 23, 2003)

Hue and Cry on ‘Whiteness Studies’
by Darryl Fears (The Washington Post)

(June 20, 2003)

Solving the Diversity Dilemma
by Amy Ziebarth (The New York Times) 03/06/09/opinion/09ZIEB.html?ex=1056203080&ei=1&en=66c7e7da716dc616

(June 9, 2003)

Minority Students With Complex Beliefs About Ethnic Identity Are Found to Do Better in School
by David Glenn (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

(June 2, 2003)

College-Bound Students Often Skip Race Question
by Amy Argetsinger (The Washington Post) 31-2003May31.html

(June 1, 2003)

How I Learned to Love Quotas
by Jeffrey Rosen (The New York Times) t.html?res=F20B13FC3B550C728CDDAF0894DB404482

(June 1, 2003)

The Wrong Way to Diversify
by Ron Bronson, Jr. (The Abolitionist Examiner)

(June/July 2003)

The Ghost of Diversity
by Glenn Ellmers (The Abolitionist Examiner)

(April/May 2003)

Toward ‘Equal’ Treatment: An Inoculation Against Special Treatment Viruses (STVs)

(March/April 2003)

Civil Rights, Libertarianism and Reclaiming the Dream
by W. James Antle III (The Abolitionist Examiner)

(February/March 2003)

Is Diversity Good?
by Harry V. Jaffa (The Abolitionist Examiner)

(February/March 2003)

Affirmative Action Insults Immigrant Contributions
by Wendy McElroy (The Abolitionist Examiner)

(February/March 2003)

Sins of admission
by John Leo (U.S. News and World Report)

(January 27, 2003)

Let’s Get Race Out of the Equation Once and Forever
by Jim Sparkman (ChronWatch)

(January 22, 2003)

Another shade of black
by Suzy Hansen (Salon)

(January 14, 2003)

Open Minded Education
by Ron Bronson, Jr. (The Multiracial Activist)

(December 2002/January 2003)

A Marine takes on HUD
by Ward Connerly (The Abolitionist Examiner)

(December 2002/January 2003)

Campus Collectivism, the “Privilege” Notion & Default Political Persuasions
by Charles Michael Byrd (INTERRACIAL VOICE)

(October 1, 2002)

Performance Anxiety
by Jeremy Lott (Reason)

(October 2002)

Racial Profiling
by John McWhorter (The Wall Street Journal),,SB1031881701210814115,00.html

(September 13, 2002)

Black Enough, or Liberal Enough?
by Radley Balko (,2933,62871,00.html

(September 12, 2002)

Freedom of Association
by Walter Williams (WorldNetDaily)

(September 4, 2002)

Crossing the Line
by Kevin Deenihan (The Daily Californian)

(August 30, 2002 )

The New Politics of Diversity
by Paul Starr (The American Prospect)

(June 17, 2002 )

Bias in the Name of Diversity
by Terry Eastland (The Weekly Standard)

(May 21, 2002)

For more balance on campuses
by Christina Hoff Sommers (The Christian Science Monitor)

(May 6, 2002)

Old Whine, New Bottle: A recycled, last-ditch attempt to influence two court cases.
by Roger Clegg (National Review)

(April 15, 2002)

Court “Remedies” Union Discrimination with More Racial Tracking
by Diane Schachterle (The Abolitionist Examiner)

(April/May 2002)

A new racist strategy
by Walter Williams (

(February 27, 2002)

Preferential Damage
by Carol Iannone (New York Press)

(Volume 15, Issue 9)

‘Butter’ probes hidden racism
by M.S. Mason (The Christian Science Monitor)

(February 22, 2002)

by Armstrong Williams (

(January 29, 2002)

Diversity II
by Walter Williams (

(January 24, 2002)

King’s dream and the ‘M’ word
by Jeff Jacoby (The Boston Globe)

(January 24, 2002)

Has the dream become reality?
by Kathleen Parker (

(January 23, 2002)

by Walter Williams (

(January 16, 2002)

Race not at heart of America
by Don Feder (

(December 19, 2001)

Diversity versus ‘diversity’
by Thomas Sowell (

(November 16, 2001)

Unfinished civil rights agenda
by Walter Williams (

(November 14, 2001)

Schools can take diversity too far
by Andrew J. Levay (Portland Press Herald)

(October 29, 2001)

Afro-Brazilians fighting for affirmative action
by Kevin G. Hall (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

(October 9, 2001)

Multiracial Brazil Planning Quotas for Blacks
by Larry Rohter (The New York Times)

(October 2, 2001)

A Bid for Justice
by Peter Wood (National Review)

(August 16, 2001)

Shake down the law
by Paul Craig Roberts (

(August 16, 2001)

Rejecting Admission Discrimination
by Roger Clegg (National Review)

(July 9, 2001)

Playing the Loser: Why are California’s education and political leadership so receptive to demands for racial preferences?
by Cristopher Rapp (National Review)

(April 27, 2001)

Demoralizing young blacks
by Walter Williams (

(April 4, 2001)

The slippery slope of affirmative action
by Armstrong Williams (

(April 4, 2001)

Diversity, the new uniformity
by Paul Greenberg (

(April 4, 2001)

Affirmative action is on the ropes again
by Linda Chavez (

(April 3, 2001)

Affirmative action hanging on by a thread
by Mona Charen (

(April 3, 2001)

Liberal Dose of Nonsense on Affirmative Action
by Steve Dunleavy (The New York Post)

(April 2, 2001)

What does affirmative action affirm?
by Wendy McElroy (

(March 27, 2001)

Wasn’t Mended
by M. Royce Van Tassell (The Abolitionist Examiner)

(February/March 2001)

Race Is Not A College Qualification
by Norah Vincent (The Village Voice)

(January 10-16, 2001)

. . . but First, Let’s End the Preference Paradigm
by Ward Connerly (The Los Angeles Times)

(December 19, 2000)

Goodbye, Racial Preferences
by Larry Elder (Frontpage Magazine)

(December 10, 2000)

Connerly addresses equality at Syracuse U.
by Chris Jaikaran (Daily Orange)

(October 24, 2000)

Better Than Affirmative
by Jeb Bush (The New York Times)

(September 15, 2000)

Minority Enrollment Rises in Florida College System
by Rick Bragg (The New York Times)

(August 30, 2000)

Ward Connerly – The GOP’s Missing Marcher
by Michael W. Lynch (Reason)

(August 3, 2000)

Florida colleges can’t give special considerations to minorities, judge says
by David Royse (FOX News/Associated Press)

(July 12, 2000)

The Do-Gooders’ War on Merit
by Michael Meyers (The New York Post)

(July 3, 2000)

Real affirmative action
by Nat Hentoff (The Washington Times)

(June 19, 2000)

NAACP chairman calls anti-affirmative action One Florida plan a `grievous mistake’
by Karla Schuster (The Sun-Sentinel),1136,32000000000115296,00.html

(June 15, 2000)

Federal Court Tells Ohio to Set Aside Set-Asides
by Lucas E. Morel (John M. Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs)

(June 2000)

Drive to kill affirmative action ends
by William Yardley (St Petersburg Times)

(May 9, 2000)

Debate between Ward Connerly and William Bagley (The Independent Institute)

(April 25, 2000)

A better path to diversity
(The Christian Science Monitor)

(April 11, 2000)

Admissions of Minorities Rebounding in California
by Barbara Whitaker (The New York Times)

(April 5, 2000)

Higher Ed
by Norah Vincent (The Village Voice)

(March 29, 2000)

A “poison” divides us
by Alicia Montgomery (Salon)

(March 27, 2000)

Trading places
by Michael Alvear (Salon)

(March 13, 2000)

Ending affirmative action proves harder than it looks
by Warren Richey (The Christian Science Monitor)

(March 10, 2000)

My Fight Against Racial Preferences: A Quest Toward ‘Creating Equal’
by Ward Connerly (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

(March 10, 2000)

Civil Rights: What Went Wrong?
by Abigail and Stephen Thernstrom (FrontPage Magazine and Wall Street Journal)

(January 17, 2000)

‘Diversity’: From Left to Far Left
by Charles Fried (The Washington Post)

(January 3, 2000)

Happy Opposites Day
by Bruce Gottlieb (Slate)

(December 9, 1999)

Why I’m Still Fighting Preferences in Florida
by Ward Connerly (FrontPage Magazine)

(November 18, 1999)

What About Poor White People?
by Nat Hentoff (The Washington Post)

(November 13, 1999)

Florida Plan Would Change Race-Based Admissions
by Rick Bragg (New York Times)

(November 11, 1999)

Jeb Bush weighs college plan that impacts affirmative action
(The Miami Herald)

(November 7, 1999)

Minorities No More
by Chris Weinkopf (FrontPage Magazine)

(November 1, 1999)

Reclassified, Asians fear cuts in school assistance
by Cindy Rodriguez (The Boston Globe)

(October 25, 1999)

Warning on ethnic success in school
by Annie Nakao (San Francisco Examiner)

(October 17, 1999)

Libertarian delegates endorse plan to end racial preferences
(The Tampa Tribune)

(October 11, 1999)

Libertarians endorse movement to end affirmative action
by Stella M. Chavez (Sun Sentinel),1136,24500000000113244,00.html

(October 10, 1999)

Meritocracy, Interview With Nicholas Lemann
(The Atlantic Monthly)

(October 7, 1999)

Job complaint recalls ‘racial charade’
by Tina Cassidy (The Boston Globe)

(September 28, 1999)

We Shall Overcome-But Only Through Merit
by Shelby Steele (FrontPage Magazine)

(September 16, 1999)

Racial Issues Creep Into Bond Battle
by Kate Folmar (The Los Angeles Times)

(September 14, 1999)

Protect the next generation from diversity do-goodism
by Michelle Malkin (Jewish World Review)

(August 10, 1999)

Proxy War: Liberals denounce racial profiling. Conservatives denounce affirmative action. What’s the difference?
by Michael Brus (Slate)

(July 8, 1999)

The other side of affirmative action
by Thomas Sowell (Jewish World Review) (June 8, 1999)

Diverse U. of Michigan Tries New Legal Tack
by Steven A. Holmes (The New York Times)

(May 11, 1999)

Affirmative Action’s Hidden Discrimination
by Roger Hernandez (LatinoLink)

(April 4, 1999)

Race-blind lottery chooses fewer blacks for magnet schools
by Paul Donsky (The Tennessean)

(April 1, 1999)

Affirmative In-action?
by Lucas Morel (John M. Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs)

(April 1999)

Court Refuses to Examine Condemned Affirmative Action Program
by Mark Helm (Hearst Newspapers)

(March 29, 1999)

An End to Racial Preferences
by Nat Hentoff (The Washington Post)

(March 27, 1999)

Beyond Black and White: Affirmative Action in America
Moderated by Professor Charles Ogletree (PBS)

(March 23, 1999)

Recasting the Affirmative Action Debate
by Jeffrey Fisher (IntellectualCapital)

(March 18, 1999)

Issue of the Week: Affirmative Action in Focus

(February 22, 1999)

Affirmative-Action Dilemma Spreads in Public Schools
by Tamar Lewin (The New York Times)

(November 29, 1998)

African American woman found others intolerant of her support of I-200
by Kelly McBride (The Spokane Spokesman-Review)

(November 23, 1998)

Affirmative Action Foes Cheer Gains
by V. Dion Haynes (The Chicago Tribune),1575,SAV-9811230189,00.html

(November 23, 1998)

Some Minorities Are More Minor Than Others
by Ron K. Unz (Wall Street Journal)

(November 16, 1998)

Opportunity Without Preference
by D.W. Miller (Policy Review)

(November/December 1998)

In a Battle Over Preferences, Race and Gender are at Odds
by Sam Howe Verhovek (The New York Times)

(October 20, 1998)

The Brown bomber strikes Justice Thomas
by Larry Elder (Jewish World Review)

(August 27, 1998)

Broker Asserts Political Views Drew Pressure
by Steven A. Holmes (The New York Times)

(July 10, 1998)

Can blacks succeed without a Harvard degree?
by George Cantor (The Detroit News)

(May 23, 1998)

Washington State Set to Become Next Battleground Over Affirmative Action
by Steven A. Holmes (The New York Times)

(May 4, 1998)

Race Preference In College Admissionsby Carl Cohen, Ph.D.
(The Heritage Foundation)

(April 29, 1998)

Arlington schools sued anew – Alternative program admissions challenged
(Associated Press) (March 1998)

Admission plan draws opposition
by Beatriz Perez (Arlington Journal) (February 9, 1998)

Back to Equality
by Ward Connerly (IMPRIMIS) (February 1998)

Letters: U-M affirming bias or diversity?
(The Detroit News)

(December 14, 1997)

Houston Voters Maintain Affirmative-Action Policy
by Sam Howe Verhovek (The New York Times)

(November 6, 1997)

Diversified admissions plan in mill
by Beatriz Perez (Arlington Journal)

(November 1997)

Magnet schools outreach plans recommended
by Beatriz Perez (Arlington Journal) (November 1997)

Critics say the school wants to avoid lawsuites that could charge discrimination in admission standards
by Rusty Hoover (The Detroit News) (July 4, 1997)

Race In America: Fairness or Folly?
by Eric Pooley (TIME)

(June 23, 1997)

Interview with Ward Connerly: ‘Let’s wipe (race) slate clean’
(The Detroit News) (March 9, 1997)

Clinton ‘turning back the clock on civil rights,’ Libertarians say
(The Libertarian Party)

(December 27, 1996)

Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day
by David Sacks and Peter Thiel (The Independence Institute) (October 12, 1996)

Affirmative Action – It Will Never Be Enough
by Elizabeth Wright (Issues & Views) (Fall 1996)

“Should Jews vote to dismantle affirmative action?” Racial preferences unfair
by Lawrence J. Siskind (Jewish Bulletin of Northern California) (August 9, 1996)

Regent, Senator Trade Insults At State Hearing
by Ryan Tate (Daily Cal) (February 21, 1996)

Defend Affirmative Action! Oppose Racist Scapegoating! Fight for Communism!
by Grover Furr (February 16, 1996)


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