ISSUES – UK and Irish Race Relations

ISSUES – UK and Irish Race Relations


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The End of Slavery in England
by Frank W. Sweet (INTERRACIAL VOICE) (May/June 2003)

Coloured prejudice
by Hugh Russell (The Spectator)§ion=current&issue=2002-11-30&id=2545 (November 30, 2002)

White woman ‘is real mother of black twins’
by Robert Verkaik (The Independent) (August 1, 2002)

In the English Arts, A Merry Racial Blend
by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (The New York Times) (July 21, 2002)

I’m not black or white. I’m pure me
by Joseph Harker (The Guardian),3604,539331,00.html (August 20, 2001)

Conference Examines Shifting Nature of Identity
(The Irish Times) (November 6, 2000)

A Darker Shade of Pale
by Ben Arogundade (The Evening Standard) (October 25, 2000)

Multiracial society challenge to being British
by Rachel Donnelly (The Irish Times) (October 12, 2000)

The stolen generation
by Siobhan McHugh (The Irish Times) (September 23, 2000)

Action on Racism
(The Irish Times) (September 7, 2000)

The boy who can’t go wrong
by Ben Thompson (London Evening Standard) (August 25, 2000)

U.N. ‘deeply concerned’ over British racism
(CNN/Associated Press) (August 22, 2000)

The Poison of Racism
(The Irish Times) (August 21, 2000)

Intercultural unit learning to respect differences
by Clare Murphy (The Irish Times) (August 19, 2000)

Tapping out racism
(The Irish Times) (August 12, 2000)

Foreigners Facing Rising Racist Abuse
by Judith Crosbie (The Irish Times) (August 5, 2000)

Accusations about “stealing their jobs”
(The Irish Times) (June 17, 2000)

Tide of Racism Rises
(The Irish Times) (June 14, 2000)

Three held on false race attack charges
by Rachel Donnelly (The Irish Times)

(May 23, 2000)

War Buddies in the British Melting Pot
by Esther Iverem (The Miami Herald) (May 21, 2000)

London Calling
by Esther Iverem (The Washington Post) (May 21, 2000)

Sexy Zadie
by Eliza Truitt (Slate) (May 2, 2000)

Girl wonder: The life so far of multiracial literary sensation Zadie Smith
by Maria Russo (Salon) (April 28, 2000)

From a Mixed-Race Marriage Comes Britain’s Latest Sleeper Hit: East is East
by Matt Wolf (FoxNews/Associated Press) (April 16, 2000)

Real Women Don’t Think Small
by Allison Pearson (This is London) (April 12, 2000)

Britain leads in mixed-race romance
(The Sunday Times) (April 9, 2000)

London 2000: a multiracial city?
by Gary Younge (This is London) (February 25, 2000)

Frontrunner for London mayor stumbles over Black stereotypes
by Michael White (MSBET/The Guardian) (August 10, 1999)

Redefining Irishness within a mixed-race society
by Fintan O’Toole (The Irish Times) (July 23, 1999)

After bombing, British race relations seen at dangerous crossroad
(CNN) (April 26, 1999)

London bombings ‘No. 1 priority’ for London police
(CNN) (April 26, 1999)

Tense London Braces For Next Racist Bomb
by Bill Hoffmann (New York Post) (April 26, 1999)

Neo-Nazi group claims responsibility for London blast
(CNN) (April 24, 1999)

Race Hate Thug
(The Daily Mirror) (April 25, 1999)

Blast at south London market injures dozens
(CNN) (April 17, 1999)

Black and White Together
by Geneva Overholser (The Washington Post) (March 29, 1999)

Mayor gets hate mail over refugee issue
by Andy Pollak (The Irish Times) (March 27, 1999)

British police swoop down on neo-Nazis in military
(Jewish Bulletin of Northern California) (March 12, 1999)

Health Drive to stamp out NHS racism
(BBC News) (December 17, 1998)

Police accused in race case
by Gary Finn (The Independent) (December 3, 1998)

Met is sued over ‘racial assault’ on boy 11 years ago.
by Jamie Wilson (The Guardian) (December 3, 1998)

Pupils Aged Five In Race Hate Attacks
by Paul McCann and Kathy Marks (Daily Record) (December 3, 1998)

Scottish firms accused of racism
by Jenny Booth (The Scotsman) (November 23, 1998)

A Shred of Justice
by Tara Mack (Newsweek) (November 23, 1998)

Racism, refugees trouble Ireland
by Sandy Barron (The Detroit News) (November 20, 1998)


TV gang rape documentary angers black groups
by Paul McCann and Kathy Marks (The Independent) (November 18, 1998)

Non-white students experience racism – report
by Paul Cullen (The Irish Times) (November 12, 1998)

SNP seeks apology for citizenship policy ‘slur’
by Frank Urquhart (The Scotsman) (November 11, 1998)

Military ‘must wage war’ on racism
by Richard Norton-Taylor (The Guardian) (November 11, 1998)

Police Chief Sorry Over Lawrence
by John Steele (The Daily Telegraph) (October 2, 1998)

Police Act Over Racial Attacks
by David Bamber (The Daily Telegraph) (September 27, 1998)

Met ‘not learning from race killings’
(The Daily Telegraph) (September 19, 1998)

Lawrence police admit mistakes but deny racism
by John Steele (The Daily Telegraph) (September 18, 1998)

Lawrence trust to get more union cash
(The Daily Telegraph) (September 15, 1998)

UK, Irish Churches admit Gypsy prejudice
(Reuters) (July 13, 1998)

Blending Into The British Background
by John Burgess (The Washington Post) (July 7, 1998)

FEATURE – Race Murder probe exposes ugly Britain
by Helen Smith (Reuters) (July 6, 1998)

Britain to keep ban on U.S. black militant leader
(Reuters) (July 1, 1998)

Trouble flares again at UK race killing inquiry
(Reuters) (June 30, 1998)

Police treated us like simpletons
by John Steele (The Daily Telegraph) (June 12, 1998)

Lawrence detective denies conspiracy
by John Steele (The Daily Telegraph) (May 29, 1998)

Lawrence suspects ‘known in three days’
(The Daily Telegraph) (April 9, 1998)

Time to Choose the Right Box
by Jill Olumide (People in Harmony) (November 17, 1997)

Appeal for witnesses to race murder
by David Millward (The Daily Telegraph) (April 23, 1994)