**Powerful Novels About Black Folks**

Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 22:01:43 +0000
From: Raelene Diamonds
Subject: **Powerful Novels About Black Folks**

****Please pass along the following message to members of our community.

There is a novel about black people entitled PSEUDO COOL that cannot be
found inside local bookstores. Why? Because it's always hard to find
books written by black people that tell the TRUTH about the black

PSEUDO COOL was written by a black student named Joseph Green who
graduated from Stanford University.

PSEUDO COOL describes several racist incidents and the struggle of a
Black Student Union to recover from the death of its leader and add
cultural diversity to the university's curriculum.

PSEUDO COOL has also been unfairly criticized for its so-called graphic
sex scenes, language, and descriptions of prostitution and drug abuse.

Well, it seems that for whatever reason, even though Stanford University
is never directly mentioned in the novel, some folks are saying that it
paints too harsh a picture of the minority student experience at Stanford

Others are saying that PSEUDO COOL presents a very true picture of what
happens to a lot of black students at predominately white universities.

Although the book sold more than 150 copies in a single day in its debut
at Stanford University, PSEUDO COOL was never made available nationwide!

Mr. Green has stated, "They don't want this book to get too popular
because it's fiction that does tell a TRUTH about a very challenging
experience many black people go through at these white universities."

However, thanks to the power of the Internet, PSEUDO COOL is available at
Amazon.com…or Barnesandnoble.com…..or Borders.com at 1-800-770-7811.

Mr. Green's latest novel, SOULS BIZARRE, about five black Stanford
University graduates looking for love and success while battling racism
in East Palo Alto, California, is now also widely available. (Because of
the somewhat shocking cover, you won't find a picture of this book on the

Please spread the word about these two powerful novels: SOULS BIZARRE and
PSEUDO COOL. And next time you're in a bookstore, ask WHY they don't
carry these two novels.

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