Blood/Lust: A Mixed/Queer Anthology

Blood/Lust: A Mixed/Queer Anthology
Announcement – 09 September 1999


A Mixedqueer Anthology

Blood/Lust seeks essays, poetry and art that reflect the lived experiences of racially mixed trans, bi, lesbian, gay, two-spirit, hijra, bakla, patlatche, mahu or otherwise “queer” identified people. The editor seeks writing by people of all racial mixes, social backgrounds, abilities and beliefs to speak about the complexities of being mixed and queer. This will include people who identify as more than one race and/or as racially mixed as well as those who identify with their mixed culture (i.e., mestiza/o, Creole, Metis, Melungeon, etc).

Subject matter may include anything related to our lives, stories and identities as mixedqueer people.

Submissions must be typed or word-processed and double-spaced. Please include your name and address on each page. Please submit a cover letter as well a brief bio with your submission. No queries or manuscripts can be returned without a self-addressed-stamped-envelope (and IRC if applicable).
Deadline: November 19, 1999
Length: Poems– Up to five
Essays– Up to 8000 words
Art (do not send originals)– Up to five pieces.
Send to: Blood/Lust c/o Qwo-Li Driskill
1122 East Pike St, PMB # 470
Seattle, WA 98122-3934
Queries may be emailed to
Submissions by postal mail only.
Manuscripts with pseudonyms will be considered.

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