Letter to the Editor

Date: Tuesday, December 04, 2001 4:08 PM
From: Lindsay Kollar
Subject: Letter to the Editor

we are learning about the ivory coast slaves and child slavery in school. children and anyone under age shouldnt work. "love sees no color.", but love is what you make of it. that is very true. blacks can be loved and they shouldnt be treated and difret than any other person. they are the same as us. the only reason people wants slaves are because it make them look like the powerful one which they arent they are actually the weak ones. the way i look at it if u need someone else to do the work of u than u are no better than someone who beats a women. i may be young but i know that slavery exspecially child slavery shouldnt be allowed. it is wronge and if u are getting someone to do the work for u than pay them the money the deserve and dont force them b/c then they wont do what they are capable to.


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